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Christians Against Poverty do wonderful work taking Christian people out of poverty. Churches should work with CAP. I fully support what CAP do. That said, the CAP need to be mindful who they associate themselves with.

CAP says,

“Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a national debt counselling charity working through a network of centres based in local churches. CAP offers hope and a solution to anyone in debt through its unique, in-depth service. CAP aims to show God’s love in action by providing sustainable poverty relief through free debt counselling, advice and practical help.

CAP Money
CAP Money is a revolutionary 3 week course designed to empower individuals to regain control of their finances through professional and practical support from your church. For more information, please contact the partnership team on 02 4914 0597.

(From: http://www.capaust.org/)

If you clicked on the thumbnail, you would have noticed that CAP links to an article here: http://www.capaust.org/news.php?action=show&news_id=189

This is the video that CAP put up:

In light of this odd bond, are the CAP aware of how C3 treats it’s members financially? Pringle says in the above video, “One of the greatest things that happen… is that people are coming to Christ! People are meeting the Lord and then they get established at church, they start following Christ and we’ve had- not just one or two- no-no. They bring the whole family.” (00:26)

So through the CAP (established on C3 premises), Pringle says that people are now going to his C3 church, bringing their families. He says later,

“Nichola Gibb, one of our great, great people in our church- she’s a regional leader? [John Kirkby: Yes.] Yeah. And so, if we can get that into church life, I found that acts of kindness open peoples hearts even more then miracles. And they feel like they’re looked after and helped in so many ways. And then- you know money is SUCH a problem in people’s worlds! Get that under control ‘n discipline will spill out into all sorts of other areas of their lives and help get on the pathway that is going to be just setting them up for success in life.”(00:45-01:23)

This dialogue is interesting because Pringle acknowledging he is fully aware that he has access to peoples hearts through these ‘acts of kindness’. CAP purposely leads people out of their poverty. On their ‘About Us’ page, you can check out their ‘Core Values’ to read the following: http://www.capaust.org/about.php?page=corevalues

GODLY FINANCES – imparting biblical wisdom for financial freedom

Releasing people from poverty into a life characterised by faith, generosity and God’s abundant provision

FAITH – knowing that God will provide everything we need

Being sure and certain that God will provide everything we need: strength, motivation and resources to accomplish our vision

JUSTICE – standing up for the poor and disempowered

Bringing justice to those in poverty and debt who do not have the power or influence to change things by themselves; being fair to both client and creditor

LOCAL CHURCH – partnering with local churches

Partnering with local churches so they can effectively help people in their communities out of debt and poverty and so our clients can experience the love of God through His family, the church

LOVE & COMPASSION – expressing God’s love in practical ways

Showing God’s love and compassion to those in financial difficulties through a practical service which will see them lifted out of debt into a whole new life and destiny

SALVATION – seeing people come into a saving relationship with Jesus

Bringing an understanding of God’s love for people so they have an opportunity to believe and come into an eternal saving relationship with Jesus Christ

Pringle seems to say that money would still be a problem even after CAP have helped people with financial difficulties. Pringle says that once they are established in a church after CAP’s work, ‘control ‘n discipline will spill out into all sorts of other areas of their lives’ AND ‘help get on the pathway that is going to be just setting them up for success in life’. He mentioned a woman already being established in his church. I’m assuming Pringle is speaking first hand here about families getting saved at his C3 Church, (otherwise he would not have mentioned this).

They are established on Pringle’s C3 Property. Pringle is now associated with a great ministry. But does John Kirkby, the head of CAP, really want to be treated as a tool by the C3 movement? C3 seems to completely go against what they stand for. When Pringle says a Christian’s  ‘discipline will spill out into all sorts of other areas of their lives and help get on the pathway that is going to be just setting them up for success in life’, we need to understand that he means Christians are disciplined in tithing and sacrificial giving. Tithing is giving 10% of one’s finances to the Pringle’s ministry. Sacrificial giving is giving a sacrificial amount of money to Pringle’s ministry.

At 01:56, Pringle refers to CAP as a ‘powerful tool’ in reaching out to the community. The CAP do a great job and lead people to the Lord. But do the Christians Against Poverty want to be treated as a tool by Phil Pringle? Why would the CAP align themselves with the C3 Church when C3’s values seem to contradict the values of CAP? Why are they allowing themselve to be associated with a ministry that financially exploits it’s members?

Read the below article to found out how C3 treats it’s financially struggling members and how C3 members are taught and encouraged how to give.

Does Phil Pringle & The C3 Movement Exploit It’s Poor Members Financially?

Note: All screen grabs were taken Before the 22/10/2011.