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Phil Pringle and the C3 movement take pride and joy exalting good leadership practice. Phil Pringle has written 4 books directly on ‘Godly’ leadership and considers himself a great leader.

At C3’s live album recording, members in the crowd were burnt by fireworks that were released on stage. This is bad leadership management. Let’s hope C3 takes advice from those below who attended the event. No one seemed to be bothered to question the OH&S standards or the dangers of the firework burns they received.

The following conversation of people being burnt by C3’s fireworks can be found here: http://youtu.be/aJHwSrt4nQ8.

Casually getting burnt in the mosh!! i cant wait!!! Hey CCCQF hint for mext year dont let fireworks off during the recording you should of seen the bands reaction!!! but i caanntt waaaiiitt!!! – TheCamidamy 4 weeks ago 

@TheCamidamy Hahaha yeah my clothes had heaps of burn marks! It was good though 😀 – JohnNMedia 3 weeks ago
@JohnNMediai looked up just as they let them off!!! it hurt!!! but it sure was amazing (: – TheCamidamy 1 week ago