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In the below transcript, Phil Pringle reads Acts 3:1-9. He used the beggar in Acts 3 as an example of those in his congregation who don’t give his ministry money. Do you think this type of teaching is appropriate?

“Let’s come to God with something in our hands and not just words in our mouth.

Acts three. This passage I was reading was actually yesterday at the RealMen’s Conference in Perth. And it struck me that this really applied to the lot wider area of life then just this guy getting a miracle in his legs so he can walk again… And I thought about how there are times in our lives when we need to be carried – where other people carry you. But when you have an encounter with God – when Jesus touches your life, you get to stand up where you didn’t stand before. And you actually get to enter the temple rather than sitting at the gate on the margins.

And there comes a day where every boy needs to become a man. Where every girl needs to become a woman. We actually grow – grow up to a level where we’re assuming responsibility. We’re no longer getting carried. And for most of us here, we’ve met the Lord. Ninety five percent of us have received Christ and He’s helped us to stand, even though we were lame from birth. We were not born again, we became born again and we found our legs so we can start to walk. We can stand and we can climb and we can go places.

But one of the things we got to accept is that, that means we are no longer being carried around. And I don’t think that any of us who are saying, “I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. I’ve found my legs. I’m standing.’, should allow ourselves to be carried by others. And every week we come here. A lot of people bring their tithes and bring their offerings and I don’t want to ever be thinking, ‘Well look! I got all these other guys carrying me around here. You know? I’ve got the air conditioning. I’ve got the infrastructure of the pastoral team. I’ve got the musicians and everything but I’m not gonna put anything in. I’m just gonna let everybody else carry me along.’

I believe there comes a day where we gotta say, “You know what? I’m gonna grow up. I’m going to resume responsibility here. And I’ll carry those who have not yet found their legs. But I’ve found my legs. And I’m going to actually bring in my tithe and bring in my offering to support the house of God. So I’m a standing member of the congregation, amen! So I’m a standing member of the House of God.

And this guy started leaping and jumping and worshiping God and it said he went all the way into the temple. He had spent years sitting at the gate of the temple begging, asking others. He got carried to the temple and then he’d beg just to get something . But now he had his legs, he’d become a producer not a consumer. He’d become a giver, not a beggar. And to get ourselves out of that mindset, it’s amazing to me how many times I find Christians anticipating that life’s a free ride for them. That they have somehow the right to get and receive, not even considering how much it costs to have the lights on, how much it costs the projection, you know and all this happening here. And think, ‘Oh, I’ll just let everybody else cover that for me and I’ll get carried’. But someday – I’m challenging you here today – stand up! Amen!

Get a miracle in your life where you’re actually a carrier. And you’re saying, ‘You know what? I’m going to be a responsible person in the House of God and find myself carrying those who haven’t yet found their legs. I’m going to go from a boy to a man; from a girl to a woman; from a young person to an adult. And have a mature attitude in my life where I am a responsible person, in Jesus name’. And everybody said, amen!

Father, I pray here this morning that everyone one of us would understand the call of God on our lives to be a contributor; to be a producer; to be a carrier – not to be carried – not to be forever just somebody who’s limping through life and wanting others to support us in the beggar’s state of mind. I’m praying Father that we would make a switch here this morning and we find ourselves standing tall and strong, taking steps in life, climbing the mountains, walking and leaping and praising God and entering all the way into the temple life. In Jesus name, here today Father, I’m praying blessing and a miracle to come into everyone of our lives. That we would make that graduation; that initiation out of one area of life into another and assume that responsibility for carrying your great work in the earth, in Jesus mighty name – and everybody said, amen.” – Phil Pringle, 46:03-51:03, http://www.myc3church.net/node/71#, 9AM Service, 22/08/2010.