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Bible study notes are what C3 calls ‘Connect Notes’. These Connect Notes are put up on the C3 website to freely download and to distribute (Click here to see them: http://www2.myc3church.net/category/connect-group-notes). They are also emailed to connect group leaders.

Note that these ‘bible studies’ are not bible studies at all. They are at best mangled scriptures to suit the agenda of Phil Pringle for his church at that current time. Read here:

Pringle’s ‘Get Ready For God’ Bible Study Notes, Exposed

Pringle’s ‘Financial Excellence’ Bible Study Notes, Exposed

While browsing, observe the questions asked at the end of each bible ‘study’. Consider peer group dynamics as questions are answered and discussed in groups. These articles below are disturbing, revealing how C3 Church authorities manipulate people both inside and outside their churches.

Below are the Connect Notes from January to June. All these pdfs are uploaded to wordpress and are stored on our hard drives. The purpose for uploading these are for people who are interested how C3 pastors use the bible for their own agenda.

CN02Jan11 – Resolution

CN16Jan11 – Worth Saving

CN13Mar11 – Life Unlimited

CN23Jan11 – The Lineage of Jesus

CN06Feb11 – What’s The Meaning of Life, Serving

CN13Feb11 – What’s the meaning of life, creation

CN20Feb11 – What’s the meaning of life, his presence

CN27Feb11 – What’s The Meaning of Life, Purpose

CN06Mar11 – The River

CN13Mar11 – Life Unlimited

CN20Mar11 – Get Ready For God

CN27Mar11 – Together

CN03Apr11 – Foundations of Lorship

CN17Apr11 – Faith

CN24Apr11_0 – Anatomy of Opportunity

CN1May11 – Staying On Course

CN08May11 – Power of Family

CN16May11 – The Supernatural Power of God in Relationships

CN23May11 – Financial Excellence

CN30May11 – Financial Excellence P2

CN14Jun11 – I am a Vision Builder

CN20Jun11 – Enlargement