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Below are five youtube videos of Phil Pringle speaking on ‘Financial Excellence’ in his evening service on 22/05/2011. Comparing Pringle’s morning message to his night time message, Phil Pringle not only demonstrates a complete lack of biblical knowledge and resonsibility or accountability to handling the scriptures correctly, Pringle exhibits hypocrisy. In his morning message he said,

“As we launch into this part of the year – tax returns, all these other areas, finances become an important subject of the media and of our own lives as we try to tidy things up as we come to the end of the year, etc-etc. And especially in the Kingdom of God, it’s important that you and I have this area under control, that we understand what this is about. Because finances are important.

I know that there’s this feeling sometimes, like Christians we intend to say well, ‘Well [shows disdain on his face] it’s not about money‘. And I agree, it’s not. But money’s not unimportant and I have a healthy respect for the power of money. And so did Jesus.” – Phil Pringle, Ps Phil Pringle: Financial Excellence Part 2, http://www2.myc3church.net/videos/ps-phil-pringle-financial-excellence-part-2, Sermon (PM), 22/05/2011. 

Rather than agree money is not an important focus for Christians to have, you will see in this sermon Pringle stresses the importance of money.

A solid critique of this sermon will be up later this year.