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Rebekah Pringle, daughter of Phil Pringle tweeted,

“wishes God would hurry up and buy our family a plane Dang it” – Rebekah Pringle, http://twitter.com/RebekahFaith, 11:53 PM Aug 20th from TweetDeck, 2010.

Whether Rebekah was serious or not, Phil Pringle in C3 Church Atlanta attempted to  get the congregation to buy him a jet… And he was dead serious.
 “… At least that’s from checking in, security and all that. So in a month that’s 48 hrs. In a year that is 2 days so that’s- that is 24 days a year. Twenty four days in a year- that’s almost a month a year I can save myself. Ok, so over ten years- over twelve years – that’s a year. In one year I have saved myself one year of my life. One year of my life is worth a whole lot more then what any jet is worth or anything like that so – amen!

If you – would like to buy that jet [congregation starts to laugh] for us… This weekend – I don’t know what you’re laughing about. I’m serious. [More laughing] And you just go right ahead and slap that black amex down on some counter. And ahh… we’ll be flying, amen! Praise Jesus! Ahaha!” – Phil Pringle, C3 Church Atlanta 8/8/10, http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8802074, 08/08/2010.

Later, Pringle promotes himself, his false 2020 Vision and starts speaking faith/prophecy. Read the rest of the transcript below.
[Continued] “You know it is – It’s always a pleasure to be here. We have a vision of planting a thousand churches around the world so I have no hesitation playing videos and material that promotes our vision – what we’re doing.

One of the great things we’re doing right now is an online college. We’ve just started three weeks ago and we already have five hundred students. Now to plant these – another seven hundred churches in the next eight years – nine years, we need another seven hundred leaders, seven hundred worship leaders, seven hundred methodist administrators and ahh – oh just administrators will do. You know. And if we could have administrators like Jeff, song leaders like Joe, that would be phenomenal. But even moreso to have leaders like Dean Sweetman who was on the online college now. He’s our latest addition. I don’t know if you guys can play that for us now that would be great.

Fantastic! So your pastor is featured in this. You can [go] on line college. You can do it at home on your own or as a connect group. Or as another group – maybe a good way to get people in to meet the Lord. New York City Church, our church in Time Square, is doing it.  And they in their first week had, I think,  two people come to Christ who were just attending the college. And so it can be used in all kinds of opportunities and ways that will really, really be a blessing.

And a- so I’d encourage you to get a hold of that. Get a hold of my books and things like that.

We’re about to start a church in Shang- ah! In Hong Kong! And ah, we probably will start in Shanghai as well. And ah- maybe you’ve got someone in Toronto you can send to help us out. Although they don’t speak French down there and ah – it’s alright! But we need to be starting churches everywhere and we’re sending people down to Hong Kong.

And I’ve just had ‘You the Leader’ [Pringle’s Book] released in Chinese. So that’s a really good thing. Although you’d already know that if you were following me on Twitter. And so if you’re not, go ahead and sign up. We can all stay in touch. We can find out. It’s a connector. It’s just brilliant in staying in touch with one another.

And I know you might be saying, “Oy yeah-roar-rru-roar” (plays an ogre) Get over that and just get on it! It’s a fantastic tool that God has given us to connect with each other all around the world and just to know what we’re all doing. It’s fantastic! And I love all technology that is helping us achieve those ends. There are gonna be some negatives but we don’t focus on those things. Amen!

I’m gonna say this, ‘It’s like, even though I’ve been in Singapore last weekend, speaking to that church, (it’s not a C3 church); and I’m going from here to LA, (we’re speaking at C3 LA tonight- while doing a live painting); they’re going to Jakarta to a thing called the ‘World Harvest Conference’ which is a huge conference they have in Indonesia. And when I go to those places, I am like a guest speaker. It’s not really my show – it’s not my place. So to give- give leadership, is not what they’re looking for. They’re looking for ministry. And if you’re gonna be a leader, you need to have ministry. But the leadership is limited to a sphere of people that you lead. And you guide and you influence and you direct and shape the culture of that.

So whenever I’m in one of our churches, I’m like – I just pick up that burden and cause that I am going to shape the culture here and feel like the pastor here for the day and uh – talk to you about where we’re going. Not that ah you know I need to announce where Dean is going and you’re aware of all that. But as the leader of our movement, I know that I need to be promoting our cause and keeping you on the same page as where we’re going so that we’ve all got one mind – we’ve got one purpose – one spirit. And the delight of dealing with Dean and Jill and the whole team here, is that everyone is so on the same page, we hardly even need to talk. We’ve just got the vibe and we’re going in the same direction.

And so my job in coming into these situations is to be like that!

Ken[?] and John called me the arch bishop the other night. But it’s sort of like that to present to you the over-arching culture and vision of where we’re going. And I really enjoy doing that.

So I speak a little stronger. A little more cause and direction and leadership orientated, when I’m in our C3 churches. I want you to come to me to Deuteronomy 8:18, here this morning. And in the next thirty minutes, I would really like to be able to change your life for you. And if you’ll let me just tinker with your brain, I reckon I can do that- and I mean REALLY change your life. In your – in your world. And both in your domestic world and in your church world.

And every time I’m in any kind of service, I’m believing for God to bring at least one miracle into a person’s life. And while you’re just sitting there, I am convinced that a miracle is going to happen in somebody’s life here today. The miracle I believe that will happen, is that you will get a house. And I would like to think that all of our people will own their own homes, amen! In Jesus name!

And I know some of you would like a medical miracle. Well I’m believing God that can happen as well. But I really have a word that some of you hear today will go out of this place and you’ll buy yourself a house. You’ll have a house and you’ve always wanted a house and now you’re gonna get one, in Jesus name. Amen! – Phil Pringle, C3 Church Atlanta 8/8/10, http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8802074, 08/08/2010.