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This article will look at an old online document from C3’s School Of Ministry College. This article will also provide some links to sermons of similar ‘teachers’ that were invited to speak at C3 Oxford Falls Colleges. This article will also provide a students personal account with Benny Hinn ‘ministering’ at C3 Church in 2006. Following this, we will provide a few scriptures, explain what the meaning of ‘God’s Generals’ is and lastly examine a few of the ‘Generals’ in the C3 document.


The following information has been taken down by C3: http://www.ccc.org.au/som/default.asp?page=somInternat.

“Students have the opportunity to learn from some of the most gifted and experienced ministers in the world today – God’s general’s for this hour. In recent years this has included the following international ministries:

1. Dr David Yonggi Cho (Yoido Full Gospel Church – South Korea)

2. Reverend Bill Hybels (Willow Creek Community Church – USA)

3. Reverend Joyce Meyer (Joyce Meyer Ministries – USA)

4. Reverend Kong Hee (City Harvest Church – Singapore)

5. Reverend Nancy Alcorn (Mercy Ministries – USA)

6. Bishop Joseph Garlington (Covenant Church of Pittsburg – USA)

7. Pastor Dick Bernall (Jubilee Christian Center – USA)

8. Reverend Jesse Duplantis (Jesse Duplantis Ministries – USA)

9. Reverend Kathy Lechner (Covenant Ministries – USA)

10. Pastor Michael Pitts (Cornerstone Church – USA)

11. Dr Christian & Pastor Robin Harfouche (Christian Harfouche Ministries – USA)

12. Pastor Rick Shelton (Life Christian Church – USA)

13. Pastor Di Divett (Christian City Church – New Zealand)

 14. Reverend Fergus McIntyre (Global Mission – Australia)

15. Reverend Margaret Court (Margaret Court Ministries – Australia)

16. Kate Miner (www.kateminer.com – USA)

17. Reverend Peter Youngren (World Impact Ministries – USA

18. Lisa McInnes Smith (www.lisaspeaks.com – Australia)

19. Bishop TD Jakes (www.thepottershouse.org)

INTERNATIONAL EVENTS Christian City Church hosts a number of exciting international conferences and events each year. Students are encouraged to serve and get involved at every level in order to gain insight into the management and functioning of ministry areas that may otherwise not be available to them. The advantages are obvious…” – Welcome to the School of Ministry, http://www.ccc.org.au/som/default.asp?page=somInternat (Accessed 28/01/2012).


Whether a student is studying Cert II, Cert IV, Diploma or Degree, ALL C3 students had to listen to certain speakers. My personal experience when studying at C3 College included Kong Hee and Dave Sumrall speak to classes in both the Creative Stream and the Leadership Stream (formerly known as School of Creative Arts (SCA) and School of Ministry (SOM)).

C3 College & Dave Sumrall Teaching ‘All Sorts Of Evil’

When reading Dave Sumrall’s motivation behind his sermon, it is pretty clear he is purely groom C3 College students for Pringle’s Vision Builders Giving Event and abusing scripture. Many students either rely on their parents financially, Centrelink or on the very little money they get.

Kong Hee Sermon At C3 College (Snippets)

Oddly enough, both Sumrall and Hee’s teachings to C3 students are about money. These are just a few examples of what to expect in C3 Colleges.


College Students do a course called ‘Ministry Placement’. This course requires students to work hours in ministry. It could be in their own church or in the C3 movement. Benny Hinn came to C3 Church in 2006. To get some of my hours up, I served at a Benny Hinn conference at C3 Church Oxford Falls for a few days in 2007. The deputy principle advised C3 College students to serve at Hinn’s Conference to make the most of it and learn from him for free (all people attending had to pay to go see him teach and perform).

He talked on anointing, power and money. Here are some of my notes in Benny Hinn’s Conference at C3 Church Oxford Falls.

“How to increase the anointing: Hunger, unity – oneness in the Spirit (Acts 1:12), Worship (2Kings 3:15), Prayer (Acts 4:29-34), Association … (Acts 4:13, Num 27:18).

You can experience a decent so worship, unite again & stir up hunger. Luke 20:3-32 -> heart life. Acts 19:12 Paul releases his power on hanky. Mark 6:56. 100% of anointing will effect objects. Demons are from Pre-Adamic race. Not fallen angels. 5 Division of Angels – Seraphim (Declare), Cherabim (Protect), Living Ones – Thousands of Eyes (Judgment), Arc Angels, Common Angel (no wings). Under Satan’s domain he had demons.

1 – Sheol Abode of the dead (Hades/Hell). 2 – Paradise Abode of the saints (Abrahams Bosom). 3 – Tartarus Abode of the wicked angels (Prison). 4 – Pit/Abyss Abode of Demons. 5 – Gehenna/Lake of fire – all wicked go. Lev 14 – The oil is found in the blood. God’s blood was shed seven times. Ear lobe, thumb and toe… “Give to God, not to man, not to ministries. You wont feel offended when they use it.”

Anointing/Gods power multiplies. Presence = BE. Power = DO. We don’t need gifts in heaven, we only need them now. Presence is always maintained. It doesn’t grow. His power does. “Take more of me” = flesh cancelled. “Come closer” = x flesh fed. God’s power is multiplied & it can be imparted. You can’t impart Jesus/presence, only God’s power. Presence protects you from God’s power. People seek God’s power which is destructive. Seek life: Jesus (Presence). Ecc 9:8

God’s presence is fully in you. Job 29:6 -> Deuteronomy 32:13. Anointing is hard to receive and hard to keep… Matt 17:17 Effects of the anointing: feel full. Feel light as though you are flying. It was so powerful you should – you feel power not His presence. If anointing is dripping through, one person can take it out of you. Feel fire all over you. “Fire can hit your mouth”. Dan 10:10 Shaking or trembling. ‘Joy’ bubbling. Psalm 45:1

Moses, like Jesus, came down the mount in glory… the lighter I get, the stronger the power is… Distraction breaks the anointing. Focus on how real Jesus is and don’t be distracted! If you can reach that level, don’t lose it. Otherwise build from scratch. Distraction is Satan’s weapon to bring you down. Possible to start engines again in midflight. Don’t start them up when you’re about to land. You’ll crash! Impart the anointing when not your feet, or knees or neck are wet, but when you are full under it, swimming. Feel it grow from your feet to the top of your head.”

In this service Benny Hinn talked for many hours on money. He asked people in the congregation who was in debt. I was at the very back of the room looking down at the entire congregation. More than 90% of the people who were in the room put up their hands (including pastors). It was truly a sad sight. It was then that I realised I had the horrifying job as an usher to exploit these poor people financially. Hinn told people to write their hearts desire on the back of an envelope and to put their money in it. He then prayed his prayer to God over people’s sacrificial giving.

First off, I made jokes that were to prevent people give their money to Benny Hinn (“No time to waste! If you want that hot wife, give us your cash!”). People enjoyed the jokes but insisted in giving their cash much to my utter shame. I was representing my home church, C3 and Jesus. I was torn. I was completely paralyzed and shut down. I refused to do it – but was given the giving buckets in my hand by an older usher.

Against my own will – I collected people’s money for Benny Hinn. People were buying their miracle. I was crying inside. I was wondering how I could forgive myself, or even God forgiving me after participating in this fleece-a-thon. I was upset all week. This was my personal experience as a C3 College student.

Many other students received his teachings. A friend of mine on the second night was ‘slain in the Spirit’ by Benny Hinn. We were in a worship course on Wednesday where my friend was a complete mess. When I later talked to him – my friend talked about Benny Hinn ‘slaying him in the spirit’. He was an emotional wreck. I knew then and there that Hinn could not be operating under the power of the Holy Spirit if my friend had not emotionally recovered from being ‘slain’ by the spirit.

Someone else at this event went to the front to Benny Hinn. While Hinn was moving under his so-called ‘anointing’, this person took a photo of Hinn at the front. As the flash went off, Benny Hinn stopped what he was doing and yelled angrily at the person saying that the anointing he was operating under had stopped. According to my notes – Benny Hinn’s plane just crashed. My latter theological lecturers from real universities and alternative theological colleges revealed how absurd the teachings of Benny Hinn, Dave Sumrall, Kong Hee and Phil Pringle actually were.


C3 invites many of these ‘Generals’ and ignores the scriptures. Jude demonstrates that people like Sumrall and Hee are perverters of God’s grace. C3 College is allowing such deceptive teachers to deceive students with their erroneous teachings.

“For certain people have crept in unnoticed who long ago were designated for this condemnation, ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into sensuality and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.– Jude 1:4. (NASB)

Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient. Therefore do not be partners with them.

For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth) and find out what pleases the Lord. Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. But everything exposed by the light becomes visible, for it is light that makes everything visible.– Apostle Paul, Eph 5:1-4. (NASB)

As the bible says, C3 Church and C3 College partake in fruitless deeds with darkness and don’t expose these false teachers they invite. Not only do students struggle to pay for their course, they are taught false things at their own expense. Students struggle to be blessed by God financially when they are told to submit to the practices and teachings of such teachers. As a student, I had to attend many of these destructive classes. It disturbed me greatly that I could not question their teachings, even after challenging the SCA principal on such matters.


Gods Generals is a charismatic/pentecostal title that often is given to an outstanding, controversial Christian figure that brings some form of change to the church. Such people include William Branham, John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon, Alexander Dowie or Charles Finnie, etc.

Unfortunately, the title itself does not necessarily encompass the theological or damaging implications of certain Generals. Some of the so-called ‘Gods Generals’ became cult-leaders, heretics, immoral or blasphemers. Some of these figures have been treated in a similar way to the dead saints in the Roman Catholic Church faith including  John G. Lake, Kathryn Kuhlman. For example, it is well-known such ministers like Benny Hinn, Bill Johnson, John Crowder and Todd Bentley visit grave sites of John G Lake, Kathryn Kuhlman or Alexander Dowie. Some pray at their graves or go further to receive their ministries, anointings, impartations or angels.

Ministers don’t need to die to be considered a General. Today a general can be defined as someone who is ‘radically impacting the world for Christ’. Theology and the message of salvation no longer define a General. The title has become more an outcomes title, based on how big or radical their church movement is.


Some of the worlds worst or dangerous teachers that are mentioned in the above list include David Yonngi Cho, Bill Hybels, Joyce Meyer (Gnostic/Prosperity Teacher) , Kong Hee (Gnostic/Prosperity Teacher) , Jesse Duplantis (Prosperity Teacher), Michael Pitts (Prosperity Teacher) and TD Jakes (Oneness Pentecostal Cult teacher and TBN Prosperity Teacher).

We encourage readers to further research these people for themselves to provide C3 Church Watch with additional information.

Nancy Alcorn is president of the Mercy Ministries. Unfortunately, while helping many women with problems, a number of scandals have rocked through Mercy Ministries in Australia. Their counseling methods and treatment of women have been scrutinized by local media and the general public. C3 clearly invited her in the past, not wary of these scandals to come.

Joseph Garlington seems involved in some ecumenical movement in the US. In the past he was involved in the problematic Shepherding Movement and is still involved with the occult-like, pseudo-Christian cult, New Apostollic Reformation (NAR), movement. He often speaks in Prosperity Movement Conferences (Promise Keepers).  He also endorses the false teachings of Bill Johnson (he did a foreword to Bill Johnson’s book, Face to Face with God: The Quest to Experience His Presence).

Dick Bernall is also associated with the NAR and endorses false prophets on Elijah List. He is also known to preach the prosperity gospel as well.

Cathy Lechner has also been labeled as a soothsayer and false prophet. Her associations with some very questionable ministries demonstrate her inability to discern truth from error.

Kate Miner is a musician and is not to be associated with those above.