Edit – 28/05/2013: We now have the video of Andrew Kubala’s healing flop.

From: http://preachersaidwhat.wordpress.com/2011/06/12/andrew-kubala-said-what/

Andrew Kubala: [77:25], “You’re going to feel warmth come all over your body and the pain’s going to go. Ok? And then you’ll be happy… … And just go, ‘Thank you God for healing me’. Ok? That’s all you have to do. Just not loud- just in your brain, alright? And we’ll do the rest. [Inaudable: (Here it?)] comes right now! You can feel it, falling over your life in Jesus name. There’s years [78:00] of pain. Bind and break it’s power. What ever specialist, what ever doctor – what meanings they be- we come against those spoken words.

Here comes- here comes the power of God! It went wsssh! all over you! That’s the anointing of God. You don’t have to do anything. It’s alright, just relax. Just relax. It’s going to be fine. Tonight’s your night. As soon as you lifted up your hand, that’s where the miracle was. That’s where the miracle was. You see I can see your brain kinda ticking over. That’s okay. Just relax. Just breathe big breaths.

Here he comes!” [Starts praying at 78:36]

Andrew Kubala: [78:46] “You know God spoke to me this afternoon. He said, ‘God’s healing bones’. He’s going to heal bones today. Pain’s going to shift off your life in Jesus name- can you feel my hands getting warmer? That’s the anointing of God. That’s the anointing of God just falling over your life. You’re gonna go back to your specialist. [79:00] You’re going to go back to your doctor and they’re gonna laugh. They’re gonna say, ‘I don’t know what’s happened. I don’t know how that shifted over your life’.

But I’m telling you right now, you’re going to see a miracle take place in your life in Jesus name. Why are you wiggling? You’re wiggling allot. How- how hot is it up here? Is it hot? It is hot ay? I thought it was the lights.

Yeah, I dunno, it’s weird. Give me some shoulder wiggling. [person wiggles shoulders] How does it feel?” [79:25] …

Andrew Kubala: [79:36] “Has the pain gone. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Bend down- gimme- where is it sore? On your shoulders? Somewhere else? Your neck?”

Person: Everywhere.

Andrew Kubala: “Everywhere? [inaudable] … Listen. That feeling of like, ‘I’m not in pain any longer’… cos how long have you had this thing for? Like a long time?”

Person: Years. Yeah.

“Yes. See what- [80:00] this is the truth [faces church]. Our mind finds it hard to think that years of pain can shift in a thirty second moment.

[Faces person] I’m telling you sweetheart: you’re going to be healed. This is never coming back. Never coming back. Okay?”

Person: Yep. [Crowd applauds]

Andrew Kubala: “So you just- just-… HERE’S SOME HOMEWORK OKAY. [Faces person] Here’s some homework, cos your words locate you. I just want you to for twenty four- Just give me twenty four hours- every time you think about it, say, ‘God thank you for healing me’. Okay? Just go, ‘Thank you for healing me’. And all of a sudden, [clicks fingers] you’ll be like, ‘Oh! I’ve been one day without pain. Two days without pain. Three days without pain. And bingo-jingo, you’ll be back in church laughing. [Changes subject] Do you go to a connect group?”

Person: I go to a church at Christchurch sometimes.

Andrew Kubala: “At Christchurch! You’re a KIWI? No wonder you got healed!” – Andrew Kubala, Is It Time For A Change?: (77:25- 80:47), http://www2.myc3church.net/videos/it-time-change, C3 Oxford Falls, 6pm, 05/02/2001. (Accessed 13/06/2011)