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Paul Washer describes C3 Church pretty well with the tactics they use to bring people forward for altar calls. He labels churches that use such tactics as cults, manipulative, wrong and deceptive. He says they have nothing to do with the ministry of Christ and His apostles.

“So you draw the net and get people to come forward. Now look at how they do this.

Music. It must play a role because they always make sure they got the right music. That must play a role. Some even dim the lights. Lighting’s important…

Tell me that doesn’t happen. It does. Everywhere.

That’s a cult. That’s manipulation. And I am going to call it exactly what it is. It’s wrong. It’s sin. It’s deceptive. And it has nothing to do with the ministry of Jesus Christ at all or the Apostles. ” – Paul Washer, The Danger of Altar Calls Paul Washer Legacy Conference 2010:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LTwfIuU9gw, (00:00-01:13), (Uploaded September 14, 2010), Accessed 10/2/11)