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C3 has 10 minute sermons between church announcements and C3 News. These 10 minute sermons are 10 minute talks on money. This is a sermon transcript of Phil Pringle in a Sunday, 9am Service, Christian City Church Oxford Falls, 24/10/2010. We will publish a critique with this 10 minute giving sermon:

“Well we’re going to receive our tithes and offerings right now. We’re going to get excited about all the great things we can accomplish with our giving. And if you don’t have a card on your seat, raise your hand. There’s cards that are there for you to use, record credit card details – you can use that for giving and there’s a machine up the back that many people use. A lot of people on line watch us online or during the week, use the online giving facilities there for giving as well.

Let me just talk to you out of a scripture that’s known by everybody. Probably Billy Graham’s most famous scripture, ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. John three, sixteen. Every believer in the world should know it. But you know, it applies clearly to salvation. And every one of us need to actually own that scripture as our own so that we actually- we actually align ourselves; our emotions and our will, our intentions with God Himself. When it says ‘God so loved the world’, we need to put ourselves in there and say, ‘I so love the world, that I will give the only begotten son’. And for us to actually achieve that, to spread the Word of God around the world; to plant churches, make disciples, empower saints, build bible colleges- all of it is done through your giving. Through your generosity. And so this morning I just got a text from Andrew Kubalah. He’s in Invercargill and he said- what did he say to me? He said-(Ah-Oh that’s Dave Sumrall- he’s bringing six pastors… Amen!) Oh here it is:

“Great news! … I’m in Invercargill.”

Has anybody been to Invercargill? It’s like the last place on earth before you hit non-earth. And it’s like right under down there. Just across the road is that Stewart Island where they have mutton birds, hiding down holes. And nobody- nobody lives down there! Yet he got ninety people saved, amen! Incredible! Incredible!

And then he’s been back at his home town in Gore. The West Coast of the lower South Island of New Zealand. And I mean do you know that New Zealand is the furthest most place on earth from Jerusalem? And when Jesus left he said, ‘I want you to preach here in Jerusalem, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth. From the uttermost parts of the earth, there are some good things that’ve come outta there. Amen! Heh! One or two! Amen!

And what I am saying is that he and Janine are based. We have an office over there. All of that is- we’re able to do that because of your giving, your tithing, your faithfulness. You fulfilling what God’s called you to do, in bringing your tithes and your offerings into the House of God. You know this last couple of months we were in Bali, like two months ago. Might be less than that. Six- FOUR WEEKS!? I can’t believe that. Ok. Four weeks ago. And they told me there that there were forty eight people from Myanmar, eight people from Jakarta and two churches we were planting and that added up to fifty eight churches. And I said, ‘Wow! That’s astonishing!’.

And I came back here and another brother who’s working up in Indonesia, said he’s just met a group of pastors who want to become part of what we are doing and are just hanging out to do that. And that was thirty six churches. And then Simon came back from the European conference and he met a guy in Bulgaria who has sixteen churches. And he wants to hook in as well. And so in the last like six weeks, we have grown by nearly a hundred and twenty churches in the whole movement.

A hundred and twenty- a hundred and twenty churches. And that’s besides starting Hong Kong and a few other places we’re planting churches as well. Now you know, I remember when I said like, ‘Church, isn’t it amazing? We are planting one new church- growing by one new church every three days’.

Now I said that to you about six weeks ago. And I said, ‘I’m looking forward to the day when we are gonna be growing by one church a day’. And you all sat there ‘n said, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah! Pastor, nah. Don’t get too excited. I mean as if that’s ever going to happen’. Well it’s happened right now in Jesus’ name. That’s just in four weeks time!

I know you were doubting out there but it’s okay. I have my moments too. And so you and I believing together- we’ll start to see ten churches a day being planted and growing. We gotta reach this world. And every time a church is planted, it’s not about the numbers or all this kind of thing. They’re exciting. But it’s about how many more thousands of people will come to Christ all around the world today and C3 churches all around the world, they’ll be about two thousand people that will come to Christ. That’s just in the existing churches. Now once these new ones are coming in. And they come into Christ, they become disciples, they become empowered and they become ministries themselves- the whole process keeps on growing and expanding. That is because we have decided to own the purpose of God in our own heart.

We will so love the world that we will give sacrificially; the best of our lives for God gave the best that He had, His Son. He didn’t give us an angel He didn’t like, ‘I don’t like him much. And uh, he’s got a broken wing anyways – off you go!’. He said- He found what He considered the most priceless, most valuable sacrifice in His world that He could make for the salvation for the souls of men and women everywhere. And so He sent Jesus. And so that’s the emotion. The will of God is easy. The bible says God is not willing that any would perish. He’s not willing that any should perish. So I’ve got to own that as my will.

I am not willing that any should perish. What’s my will in this life? Is it to own this sort of car? To buy a muffler for my motorbike? Is it to- what is the intention on the inside of me? Is it to become a sports star? A rock star? To become some other kind of star? You know is it to make a lot of money? Is it to build a big business? My deepest purpose- and deepest purpose- is that I am unwilling that anybody should perish and I will use all the forces I can get a hold of to bring people to Jesus Christ, to make them born again. Amen!

And so that is why here every week without apology, we will say, ‘let’s bring our tithe and our offerings into the House of God’. Because even though you are not in Invercargill, you are there today preaching and winning ninety people to Jesus Christ. Even though you can’t be in our conference maybe in Bali when we’re praying over forty eight new churches coming into the house, coming into the C3 movement, you are there every time you give you are partnering with us. We can’t do that unless we do this, what we’re doing right now.

And every time I’m preaching to whatever it is, several hundred million people around the world through television, you’re doing that. People in Siberia that I’ve had come down to Moscow for a leadership conference. They’ve said, ‘We’ve travelled eight days over Siberian wilderness to get here, amen!’ I said, ‘How you know about us?’. They said, ‘Oh we put a rubbish tin lid up towards the satellite, put a little wire down into our TV set and there you are preaching in the middle of Siberia for goodness sake!’.

That doesn’t happen without cameras and screens and projectors that break down every now and then. But you know – and we just need a new one, amen. We just found that out this morning. Amen! We just can’t get. We just can’t do all these things unless we are here. So I want to thank you on behalf of Jesus, amen! And behalf of the church and behalf of the thousands of people who have been saved. Hundreds of thousands of people who have been saved… And the hundreds of thousands that are going to be saved: all through Asia, all through these areas of the world that you have been a participant in making this happen, in Jesus name. Let’s take our offering here today and bring it to the Lord.

Father, I thank you that this is not just about numbers and it’s not just about money. It’s about the souls of men and women being saved for eternity. And Lord there is no other higher purpose in all the world that we can give ourselves too. So we pray that Lord, as the love of God and the will of God are our own, that Jesus you’ll equip us and enable us to give sacrificially, to give our best, to give our all for the great purpose for salvation and the building of the church, in Jesus name. And everybody said, amen!” – Phil Pringle, (43:43-52:46), Sunday, 9am Morning Service, Christian City Church Oxford Falls, 24/10/2010.