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Jesus said,

“And the one on whom seed was sown among the thorns, this is the man who hears the word, and the worry of the world and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful.” Matt 13:22

Josh Kelsey tweets a quote of Pringle,

“”The cross is enough.” @philpringle preaching life into #C3 America pastors.”

If Pringle believed this, why is he bringing Steve Furtick to preach at his Presence Conference 2012? It was Steve Furtick who had issues with Matt Chandler for preaching the correction and the cross.

Why does Pringle hardly preach the cross? Why does he preach more on money and financial miracles, anointings and blessings as a means to obtain Godliness? If “The cross is enough” C3 shouldn’t be saying,

‘“We couldn’t think of anyone better to speak on raising money than our very own Ps Phil Pringle.” – vision2020kl, Smells Like Team Spirit!, http://twitpic.com/5elp15, image modified  21/06/2011 3:28:26PM. (Accessed 22/06/2011)

Pringle advertised over two weeks ago the following (emphasis mine):

“Hey Jurgs and Leanne and the mighty C3 church in San Diego. I can’t wait to be with you on the eleventh and the twelfth of February. We’re gonna have such a fantastic weekend. I’m so excited to be with you, to be in that atmosphere of that mighty church again and to feel all the incredible amazing things that God is doing amongst you. I can’t wait to be bringing the Word of God. I’ve got such a word burning in my heart for our church and for our churches throughout this coming year. And I know that God is going to touch you individually, in your family and in every area of your life, just through a fresh impartation and connection with the power of God over this weekend. So really, make sure you bring all your family and all your friends for a great family blessing, for a great impartation to your finances and into your business and into your market place ministry. I know that this year, C3 San Diego has gone over another threshold into a whole new area of blessing, of being blessed and being a blessing right there in America and throughout the world. I’m believing with you for one of the most incredible weekends we’ve ever had. See you soon! God bless you.” – Phil Pringle, http://www.twitvid.com/KKGF4. (Accessed 16/02/2012.)

If the cross is enough, then why does Philip Pringle focus on this “great impartation” on peoples “finances” and their businesses? Why does he focus on perishable worldly things that never satisfy?

A preacher is meant to go to a church to preach the cross, encouraging Christians to bring their unsaved family and friends. This is so that unbelievers may come to know Jesus. This is not what Pringle has faithfully demonstrated in both his words or actions.

In fact, Pringle seems to go against the teachings of Jesus, proving to be a thorn, choking the gospel that he says he preaches.