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Scriptures say,

“… we are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming.” Ephesians 4:14

Pringle says in his below advert to his church.

“Above all I feel that it’s really important to feed his sheep. And the food for God’s flock is the Word of God. It’s not my thoughts or anything else. It’s the scriptures being brought to life. And that feeds God’s people and builds the church. I think most of the discipling processes, most of the growing processes, most of God speaking to people, etc. even supernatural ministry, can take place through the preaching of God’s Word.” – Phil Pringle, SUNDAY NIGHT CHURCH // DOORS OPEN 5.30pm , Youtube,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZILrlQNqMw
Uploaded by CCCOF on Dec 6, 2011.


It is clear that he is either double-minded on this issue or lying.

Pringle says this truth:

“… if we find ourselves trying to find Scriptures to validate pet theories we are attracted to, we may compromise the power of the Gospel… This approach to Scripture is dangerous. It is a bag of mixed seed.” – Phil Pringle, You The Leader, 2005, pg 213.

However, Pringle promotes that he and others should preach a bag of mixed seed.

“What we preach is what we get. We are farmers sowing seed. If we are unhappy with the harvest we’re reaping, we should sow different seed. If we want different results, we preach different messages.” – Phil Pringle, You The Leader, 2005, pg 215.

Pringle has made it obvious that he comes with a mindset, an agenda to get what he wants from his congregation. From knowing he has an agenda, it is right to conclude that sometimes Pringle, “feeds God’s people” to get what he wants from them. This is manipulation. And Pringle will tell you,

“I don’t approach Sundays with an attitude of, “What message shall I preach?” but rather, “What do we want to achieve in our church at this time?” That desired end result determines what and how I preach. Then, within the particular message, I ask myself, “What am I trying to achieve here? What one thing am I attempting to say? What do I want these people to have or do at the end of this time?’
Then I follow the plan.” – Phil Pringle, You The Leader, pg. 234.

In other words, he doesn’t trust the bible. He doesn’t trust the Word of God enough to open it and just let the text speak for itself. Pringle says,

“Words and deeds are seeds we sow. As a leader I soften the soil (the hearts) of the people I lead. I remove weeds and pests from the young plant. I arrange the weather, warm, sunny, watery encouragement. Then I harvest the crop fully grown.” – Phil Pringle, The Leadership Files Vol 2, File 38. Seeds, 2002.

In the above quotes, Pringle says it is HIMSELF that preaches. It is him who gives what he wants to get people to do what he wants. How can he say in the video, “And the food for God’s flock is the Word of God. It’s not my thoughts or anything else. It’s the scriptures being brought to life”?

It get’s worse, as Pringle says,

“Often I haven’t even got any idea at all what I’m going to talk about cos I spend most my week gearing up for Sunday morning… So I leave myself kind of free for whatever the Lord wants to lay on my heart for Sunday night.” – Phil Pringle, Your Best Life: 11:05-12:10, 31/01/2009.

With that in mind, the entire video comes across like a facade than an actual portrayal of how Pringle prepares many of his sermons. This is hypocrisy. Jesus said,

“So when you give to the poor, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be honored by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full.” – Matthew 6:2

In calling the religious leaders hypokritēs, (ὑποκριτής), Jesus is calling them the “actor, stage player, a dissembler, pretender”. This is exactly how Pringle is behaving in this instance in the above video. He is acting. He is pretending. This isn’t humility. This isn’t honesty. He has the stage. He has got his show.

It should be clear that Pringle:

1. Does not feed his sheep.

2. Preaches messages that are based on his own vain philosophies.

3. Does not rely on the Word of God to disciple Christians and grow Christians.

4. Does not rely on the Word of God to speak to Christians.

Sadly, he has continually demonstrated his ability to mangle and pervert the teachings of God for his own gain. Pringle has a track record of being biblically incompetent. The article below is continually being updated on C3’s bad handling of the bible:


If you feel led to pray for Phil Pringle and the C3 Movement, please do so.