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Pringle’s Business Behind C3 Presence Conference

Jesus says,

” For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.” Matt 12:35b

Phil Pringle held a leaders meeting on May 2011 after the . He reveals that he uses the Presence Conference as a way of business to sell and promote his works (watch below from 0:06-0:26).

Is Pringle Baiting Churches With Presence Conference To Join His Movement?

Pringle also says,

“We really want  to become more cross-denominational, not parochial about just being C3… And it’s so important that we just, you know, spill the banks, go over, lower the wall, let the water run through the city and be a blessing. And not out there just to drag people into- you know- and to get people into and- many people will get involved in what we’re doing and that’s good. But I don’t want that to be the only motivation that we have. I think that if we have the motivation to be a blessing beyond us, that would be a really good- a really good idea.” – Phil Pringle, C3 Leaders Meeting With Phil Pringle – May 2011, Youtube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgTdtB-ha0s, Uploaded by CCCOF on May 5, 2011.

Would it be right to conclude that the only person who would have that motivation would be the one making the comment?

C3 Church has approached churches in the past secretly to see if they would like to join their movement. We have articles to suggest that C3 is rebranding local churches for it’s own cause, to fulfill the dishonest 2020 Vision of Phil Pringle.

Pringle says that the 2020 Vision is God given and that the vision is about PLANTING 1000 churches by the year 2020, with an average membership of 500 each. If churches join and are branded into the movement – is it fair to conclude that the 2020 Vision is a lie? You decide. Check out these articles.

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“Let Me Just Talk To You Out Of A Scripture” – Pringle’s Use of John 3:16

C3 Reports It Has Roughly 243 Churches Globally

We strongly suggest that no church participates in any C3 Presence Conference.