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SUNDAY, 15 JUNE 2008

CCCare and CCCW

If this is the first time you are reading my blog, I thought it maybe a good idea to draw you a quick overview of why the CCCare and CCCWblog exists. Although the full account of these issues are contained in this blog, this overview should bring new visitors up to speed on the who, why and where.

In October of 2004 I sought assistance from CCCare the welfare arm of C3Whitehorse that was located at 27 Bank Street Box Hill, Victoria Australia. Back then it was known as Christian City Church Whitehorse.On my first welfare appointment I met Tony Ryan who introduced himself as the CCCare Social Worker. In a nut shell the CCCare Social Worker turns out was not a Social Worker nor even a Welfare Worker but held the position of unqualified welfare worker.Unqualified means – lacking qualifications, untrained, unqualified to perform a job that requires qualifications.Over the course of Tony Ryan being my CCCare unqualified (unbeknown to me) Welfare Worker he not only cohered me into signing a loan with his own Finance Company Brontobyte Financial Solutions Pty Ltd, but also scammed me into working a total of 1,400 hours for his buddy Frank Greco who owned Connections Consulting Pty Ltd.Most people ask…How on on earth could someone scam you into signing a loan and get you to work for someone for 1,400 hours without being paid.

At the time I wasn’t well. I’d recently been released (early September 2004) from a 7 week hospital stay. I was both physically and emotionally drained. I sought help from CCCare because I had no one else to turn to. No family, nothing (In late 2003 I’d lost a business, my 10 year relationship ended in April 2004).Apart from existing in a dodgy rooming house in Box Hill, I was practically destitute.

It’s one of those experiences that unless you’ve been there, it’s hard to understand the dynamics.

Bottom line, I thought that Tony Ryan actually care about my welfare, so I ended up trusting him 100%. If Tony said jump I would.

After working a total of 1,400 hours on the basis of trusting Tony Ryan and his word that I’d be paid, I was sacked. In fact Tony Ryan was the one who sacked me after receiving a phone call to do so by his Mate Frank Greco.

CCCare and CCCW become involved was I connected both Christian City Care and Christian City Church Whitehorse and made a formal complaint about Tony Ryan. Instead of accepting responsibility and accountability for the CCCare dodgy unqualified welfare workers actions, the Chairman of the Board of Directors for both CCCare and CCCW (Senior Pastor Peter McHugh), wrote me a letter dispelling all accountability for their involvement and responsibility for their unqualified welfare worker employee unsavoury conduct.

I’m now back on my feet again and so I decided to start this blog. People of Australia, the world, need to know exactly what was allowed to happen at Christian City Care. They also need to be informed about the (in my opinion) lack of ethics, to which the senior Pastor Peter Mchugh operated the Board that oversees both CCCare and CCCW.