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Phil Pringle in his book ‘Hope’ adds to scripture and believes that Jesus went to hell. In this excerpt, Pringle also apparently believes that Jesus lost his divine nature on the cross. Here is the excerpt from his book:

“Laying him down on the cross means nothing to the soldier. He has executed thousands. It’s just another body. Like the limb of an animal, he stretches out the arm of Jesus, finding the point in the palm of his hand to place the rusty spike. The hammer descends in full force. With just one punch, Jesus’ hand is fastened to the wood. He moans with pain, yet an even greater pain is stealing over Him. By the tim His other hand is pinned, He is overwhelmed with a sickness deeper than flesh. All the murders, lying, corruptions, perversions and depravities of all kinds, betrayals, blasphemies, hatreds, fears, madness and rage all pour into his body like the sourest of bile pouring into the bowl. He screams as the long iron peg is hammered through his joined feet. They hoist Him up, then drop the tall post into the open ground. His weight jerks on the nails, tearing open the wounds.

But even this pain is weak compared to the maladies gathering on His frame. Cancers of every kind, pains and diseases, deformities, deafness, blindness, growths and leprosies, all the diseases of mankind disfigure His body. Then a malignant evil, monstrous rage, approached with a mouth large enough to swallow Him whole. Jesus is hobbled with constriction and bondage burying His mind, emotions and soul into chains of bitter, fiery malevolence. Paralyzed with every kind of evil, God allows every sin, sickness and bondage to fall upon His only Son, so the deliverance of every person ever born will be possible.

Jesus’ eyes flutter open and the eerie feeling of hanging midair, feeling the breeze across His face and seeing His mother weeping far below, briefly brings a quiet across His soul. But then it rages again. All the fury of hell pours on Him like a volcano exploding. Seeing John, He tells him to care for Mary, His mother. Are there no disciples? He searches for friends but only sees mockers and scorners. One though, a soldier, a centurion, sees the peace and hope in the face of Christ. Others see it too. Thieves crucified either [pg 81] side of him see it. One seeks salvation. Jesus gives hope to a hopeless man, right there in the most hopeless of all situations. “Today,” His parched lips mumble to the thief with a strength, dignity and clarity for all nearby to hear, “I’ll see you in paradise.”

Faith rises. He forgives all those taunting and mocking their prey. His heart gathers strength. But then the blackest of moments comes. A presence He has always felt, even through all the scourging and torture, through all the mockery and betrayal, now lifts. He feels something he has never ever felt: alienation from God, from His own beloved Father. He screams. No pain has felt like this pain. His soul is torn like a rag, left dangling without meaning in the universe. The ultimate despair fills His soul. He cries out, asking why God has to forsake Him at this point when He needs Him the most! Alone, alone, so alone. Yet, even here, though severed from His Father and His home, Jesus finds “rest in hope,” knowing His Father’s word supersedes any feelings He has. Within minutes, without the life of God anywhere connected to him, Jesus, as a flesh and blood-only man expires, throwing himself upon God, his Father, with a final prayer: “Into your hands I commit my spirit.”

He dies in hope-not the hope of wishful thought “hoping” He will rise again-no, He dies in the full assurance that within just three days, He will be back, ready to ascend to Heaven, to His father, to the throne of God.

His hope becomes our hope, without which, Paul says, we of all people would be most miserable, because of the things we must suffer in following Christ. But this hope is supreme. It is the hope of eternal life, meaning that there is a place prepared for us for that is eternal life, and there is a body, the same as that with which Jesus arose, for eternal living.

The sacrifice is complete. In one final heaving breath, Jesus roars, “It is finished!” His eyes close, fluttering with agony. A long moan escapes His lungs. His body hangs limp and lifeless. The weight of the entire iniquities of all humankind has crushed the life from the Lamb of God. His now dead body robbing the soldiers of the final torture of breaking his legs.

Yet, just as suddenly, He’s awake again! The searing red, superheated atmosphere around him eats like acid into His face. Thick blackness, almost like a substance, seems to suck the air from His lungs. Barely breathing, struggling for air, He aches for just something cool and moist. But the heat is inescapable and there is no relief, no water, no cool. Hands are clawing at Him. Powerful hands pick Him up and throw Him down again and again. A chorus of raucous laughter fills the cavern.

Slowly, his eyes adjust. He sees faintly the contorted faces of heavy, powerful and evil figures crowded all around, filled with rage unpacified, a merciless, sour revenge. Jesus finds His feet and stands. The great beasts look bewildered. How could He rise? They rush at Him, but a mysterious light glows from Him. An unspotted purity, something never seen in these dark domains: holiness! No matter how hard they try, it seems each dark demon is weakened, even powerless, in the presence of this One. Before they can reach Him, their knees give way, their legs fail and they fall. The power of His sacrifice fills the cavern like the scent of a million roses, overpowering every stench of the minions of Satan. Gathering strength and His face unflinching, Jesus begins a lone march through the tunnels of Hades, scattering demons in His powerful stride. They screech and howl, clinging to the walls, trying to outdo each other, throwing themselves at the Son of God, but their strength has evaporated in the presence of this One. With every step, Jesus seems to glow brighter. His light blinds their eyes in the deep dark. No matter how many gather, they all fall to the side, Every step Jesus takes sends a shudder down through to the foundations of this endless abyss.

After what seems like a day, He arrives at the core, the very throne of darkness. He strides to the writhing creature filling the seat. For a second there is a dim recollection from eons ago. The beast remembers this one. He sat on the very throne he lusted for. This is the Son-the very son of Yahweh! Fear, rage and a hatred deeper than the abyss itself spews out the mouth of the devil as he runs at Jesus, who simply stands His ground. With every step the great creature shrinks, like wind leaving a balloon, the giant figure cowers before Him. Jesus grasps the beast and throws him like a doll to the ground. Weakened to a bag with a puff of wind, Satan whines in the dust. Lifting his right leg and bringing down his foot with full force, Jesus’ heel sinks into the head of the now feeble creature. Satan’s head implodes. He writhes in pain, screaming and moaning, shaking head to toe. Demons look on in horror, slinking back as Jesus stands tall. A set of keys dangle from the side of the now defeated Satan. Tearing them from their loop, Jesus jangles them above his head, declaring, “I now have the keys of hell and death! I have defeated death, hell and the devil. At My name every knee from this place will bow! When anyone speaks in My name, your power will break. Your authority in every and any domain whatsoever, has been stripped from you today. My servants will enforce this victory throughout the entire Earth and you will be powerless to prevent it! God has spoken!”

Hell shakes, shudders and sways. Jesus rises from the ground and keeps rising, through all the dungeons, holes and caves. A force greater than any felt here before keeps lifting Him higher. His lungs filled with sweet air. His eyes open in the dark tomb, feeling the cool air of Earth in the morning. His heart pounds in His chest. Healing streams through every part of His three-day dead corpse. Sitting up now, strength surges into His muscles. A little giddy, He stands, gains balance and blinks at the bright light streaming past the large, round stone.

Heavenly angels stand by the entrance. The tough Roman quaternion is lying unconscious on the ground. Folding his grave cloths at the end of the slab, Jesus strides from the tomb in to the garden, deeply pulling into His nostrils the aroma of the beauty of the morning, smiling that pain has passed. Joy has come. His first words are, “Thank You, Father.” More than just coming back to life as He had been, He now walks in a newly-made body. He looks different, yet the same. He feels eternal, yet earthly as well. His now-undying resurrection body is alive and deathless. This gift He will give to any who receives Him. Eternal life, conscious and alive, more alive than ever before, with a body equipped for an unending life of unthinkable adventures, creations and discovery!” – Phil Pringle, Hope, 2011, pg 80-84.