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This is a very manipulative sermon by Phil Pringle.

Not only are the scriptures mangled for his gain, Pringle abuses the gift of God’s salvation by threatening people in his congregation of losing their salvation if they question or get critical about church or the pastor. The bible scriptures in this sermon do not support what he teaches.

The allegory he uses for the scriptures borders on idiocy. He teaches the womans house is Pringle’s ‘house of God’ and people need to financially support what Pringle is doing. The issue with this allegory is if it is her home – isn’t it her ‘house of God’? Doesn’t this mean people should invest in their own homes for a ‘prophet’ who might come their way so they can bless that prophet THEN be blessed?

How could Pringle make the bible about himself and suggest that people need to make room for him as an Elisha-like prophetic figure?

Below are quotes from the above sermon:

“I found this: that every time a parent or a family start to get critical about the church, one of the first things that happens is that the kids stop coming. And if you want to cut out your family and your legacy from the house of God, just get critical. Just start to defend your position and justify a resistance to what God is doing with some criticism – and you’ll find it actually severs the Spirit.” (13:22)

Pringle puts a figure on those who have back-slidden from his ministry but labels himself a prophet,

“All the thousands of decisions that we’ve seen of people come to Christ, there must be ten thousand back-slidden people in this city right now, that if they were bought in to the house of God where a prophet is and where the life of God is, they’ll find themselves getting revived…” (16:04)

Pringle wants prophets in his life that make him profit,

“That’s the kind of prophet I want to have. You know, people talk about prophets rising up in this hour. We need to have prophets who will tell us what shares to buy. Amen! About when to buy a property, when to sell a property, what property to buy. We need prophets who are a profit, amen!” (19:52)

Pringle says God will repay people ANYTHING they’ve lost if they support Elisha’s Pringle’s house of God,

“When you make room for God, ANYTHING that you have lost is gonna be restored to you and you will find that God is the repayer of people who build his house!” (21:43)

“We’re making room for the future. Right here in this house. At this point, we don’t have a child that’s ten thousand people strong. But we’re going too. And we need to make space today. Cos we’re gonna be bursting at the seams. And every single one of you can be involved in making that space for God right here and right now.” (22:32)