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In May 2011 after the Presence Conference 2011, Pringle said in his leaders meeting,

“But I do know that I have super confidence in the areas of barren couples. You know or- that’s a bad statement. But, people who can’t have children. I just know it’s going to work! And there are some healings, I know it’s going to work. And I try not to promise beyond that knowing. So that only- if I know that a thing is going to happen do I- what I move towards saying, ‘This is going to happen.'” (00:26-00:55)

He also said,

“But I do believe that – and this is a surprising thing to me because I never, ever felt this in my whole life before – that things are going to multiply. That people are going to walk out of our church services and money is going to multiply in their pockets. Now I know all of you are wanting to run out right now and just check it out. Hahahaha!

Some of you haven’t got any money to multiply! And Sheralyn, you know I do believe what you said before that baptised in the Holy Spirit… And what was the other one? And baptised by water. Yeah but you missed out tithing.

Yeah, you see now there’s all sorts of problems if a person doesn’t tithe. And so the multiplying will be held up on you. But the blessing – oh! you went quiet right there. And uh, you know- but um. But it’s true! The multiplying power of God, I believe, is going to come on everybody. Everybody! While I was sitting in this, in this [meeting?] tonight I thought, I was thinking, “This anointing is going to get on everybody! I can taste it! I can smell it! It’s in the atmosphere.” (00:56-02:10)