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Pringle said,

“There’s a big difference between truth and fact. The facts are you might have a bad back but the truth is you’re healed. The facts are you might have continual illnesses through your body but the truth is you’re perfectly made whole by the power of Jesus dying on that cross. Don’t let Him die in vain! Don’t let Him take thirty nine stripes across his back for nothing! Reach out and take a hold of all that He purchased for you from heaven.” – Phil Pringle, Day 3: Friday, Presence Conference 2012, 13/04/2012.

Watch him say it here:

Please pray for those who heard this teaching from Pringle and took this to heart. These are desperate, vulnerable and hurting people who went to the front to get healed by Phil Pringle. Please pray for their well-being.

(Edit: 13/05/2012)

It is delusional to separate fact from truth. Pringle does this often. From Phil Pringle’s blog:


1 Peter 2:24-25 – “..by whose stripes you were healed.”

“Were healed” – past tense. No matter what the illness was, it has been healed, whether physical, emotional, mental.

There’s always a difference between facts and truth! Appropriating truth is a fight, just like Joshua possessing Canaan. God said, “I have given you the land’ before they have even set foot there!

Appropriating truth into our lives is a fight against giants who try to oppose us possessing what is ours in Christ!

We appropriate truth (like ‘we are’ healed) with our mouth wielding the sword of the Spirit – the ‘Word of God!


See you in church!

(Source: Phil Pringle, Healing, http://philpringle.com/_blog/Phil_Pringle_Blog/post/Healing/, 08/10/209. (Accessed 13/05/2012.))