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Something I found on a Web-Blog called Signposts 02. Is Doctor Phil really a Doctor?

Source: http://signposts02.wordpress.com/2010/10/27/diploma-mills-and-doctorate-dils/

The article says,

Diploma Mills & Doctorate Dills?

If you are concerned about your spiritual health, you’d be concerned who you’d consider to be your spiritual doctor…

About Phil Pringle’s Doctorate

You can see Phil Pringle promote his credentials here in his own College ‘School of Creative Arts’ prospectus below. Click to view the attachment:

Phil Pringle’s Credentials (pg 15)

Dr Phil Pringle, OAM
Founder and President of Christian
City Church International

Faith + Lessons from The Book of Acts + Leadership
> Founder and President of the Christian City Church International – founded in 1980 with 12 members
in a Surf Club, CCC has since grown to a worldwide movement of over 100 congregations and over 25,000 members
> Senior Minister of CCC Oxford Falls – membership 3,500+
> National President of the Australian Pentecostal Ministers Fellowship
> International Director on Dr David Yonggi Cho’s Church Growth International Board (Yoido Full Gospel Church,
Seoul, Korea)
> Awarded the Order of Australia Medal by Queen Elizabeth II in 2001 for his service to the community
> Awarded a PhD by New Covenant International University in 1999, achieved by thesis on the Book of Acts, following a Masters by thesis on Church Growth
> Much-sought-after speaker internationally”

At the back of the prospectus the disclaimer says:

“Disclaimer – All details contained in this brochure are true and correct at the time of printing.”


He promotes his doctorate here too: http://www.philpringlegallery.com/bio.html

In 2000 the Government of Australia awarded him the Order of Australia Medal for services to the community and he has earned a Doctorate in Biblical Philosophy. Dr Pringle has also authored more than ten books and is a sought after international speaker.


(Phil Pringle is on the CMN Board with the president of the ‘New Covenant International University’. The President of the New Covenant International University, is ‘Dr’ Kevin Dyson.)

This information is from http://www.cmnworld.com/about/leadership:

CMN Ministry Board

  • Bishop Dale C. Bronner – Atlanta. Sr. Pastor/founder Word of Faith Church, Chairman – Bronner Brothers Corp., CMN.
  • Dr. Robert Barriger – Lima, Peru. Sr. Pastor – Camino De Vida Church, national church leader, director of “Red de Hombres” (CMN) for Latin America.
  • Eddy Leo –
  • Dr. Rod Anderson – London. Co-founder with wife Julie of international prayer ministry, “Prayer for the Nations”.
  • Rv. John Arana, Jr. – Arlington, Texas. Sr. Pastor/founder of Center Point Church. Author, motivator, missionary.
  • Mr. Glenn Bollinger – Dallas. CEO, Alliance Sports Group, multi-national corporation. Secy. – CMN Board.
  • Rev. Joel Brooks, Jr. – Kalamazoo, Michigan. Sr. Pastor/founder Christian Life Center. Author, church planter.
  • Dr. Kevin Dyson – Central Coast, Australia. President/founder New Covenant University – international college.
  • Dr. Jim Garlow – San Diego. Sr. Pastor Skyline Church. Best-selling author, speaker.
  • Dr. Phil Pringle – Sydney, Australia Sr. Pastor C3 Church. President – C3 Churches International.
  • Rev. Doug Stringer – Houston. Founder Turning Point Ministries and Somebody Cares, international compassion.

Guess what the address is to this place?

7255, Military Tr, Lake Worth, FLORIDA. Went to Google maps. There’s no ‘New Covenant International University’. Instead you stumble across an academy: Trinity Christian Academy. (Drag image to URL, to see bigger image.)

The address given of this place can be found here:http://epayroll.nasa.gov/documents/fppsTables/Colleges_Universities.txt?keepThis=true&TB_iframe=true


This is their website: http://www.tcalw.org/

You can see that this is the correct institute from google maps because they have photos of the construction site of their new buildings on both google maps and their website. But after browsing endlessly on their church and the TCA website, there is no mention of New Covenant University, New Covenant International University or Kevin Dyson.

But this site may offer some information:http://www.statemaster.com/encyclopedia/Name-It-and-Frame-It%3F

Name It and Frame It? is a 1993 book by Steve Levicoff about Christian schools. He explores the accreditation process, good and bad institutions of higher learning. This work has four different editions, which contain updated information and responses from various groups. In the preface of the third edition Levicoff wrote about the book, “administrators at legitimately accredited Christian schools loved it, but the operators of degree mills weren’t too pleased.”

There are some very impressive ministry college names in the list in his book. The one that caught my eye was, ‘New Covenant International Theological Seminary‘, which is supposedly located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Thank you Steve Levicoff!


Just to be sure this was the institute, I checked out the New Covenant International Theological Seminary:http://www.newcovenant.edu/index.php?page=home.

Read the ‘About Us’ here (Emphasis mine):http://www.newcovenant.edu/index.php?page=about-us2&PHPSESSID=e001e896d3b1d9ca604838def87de407.


NCI was founded in Auckland, New Zealand in 1978 as a logical outgrowth of the recognition that all members of the local church body need appropriate forms and levels of training and equipping to be able to effectively do the work of serving those around them, as well as those in other nations.

In 1990 NCIU was incorporated in the United States as an independent, self-governing corporation where it remains to this day. NCI was established in relationship with the apostolic oversight of a local assembly of Christian believers at Lake Worth, Florida, as well as other ministry leaders from a broad spectrum. NCIU is a “user focused” institution that exists to serve the needs of the end-users, not simply to perpetuate knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Our chief end is to glorify God and Him alone in all that we do.

It is widely known that many fully engaged leaders and adults with careers, families and community involvement— with busy lives— often desire to further their education and be better equipped for their chosen task of Christian service, regardless of their vocational location.

To these people, NCI University & Theological Seminary offers an enriching learning experience that allows them to fit much needed education into their lives, rather than forcing them to fit their lives into education.

NCIU acknowledges that the local body of Christian believers and its community of members remain the primary place for planting and nurturing of biblical, foundational truth and meaningful spiritual experiences through what is termed “the Disciple-making Process”.

The “Disciple-making Process,” which is God’s prime weapon for extending His ever-increasing, unshakable kingdom throughout the nations and people groups of the entire earth, may take place within recognized structures or spontaneous, organic groups in the marketplace and beyond. The new life of faith needs to grow where it happens!

The necessity of this pivotal practice is under-scored by NCIU in the development and provision of appropriate foundation and disciple-making materials, such as are found in the Resources section of this website.

In the technology-driven twenty first century with the worldwide Internet providing adult learners with a more convenient global-focused education, this process is a basic task. The challenge, however, for NCI University & Theological Seminary is to make sure that this ‘convenience factor’ keeps technology as our servant and not our master. It also provides the global vehicle for us to be able to jointly engage in a genuine, educational, intellectually challenging and spiritually enriching experience.

It is because of the commitment to maintaining this academic standard and practical spiritual development that NCI University & Theological Seminary is able to provide culturally relevant and meaningful distance-learning, higher education programs, establishing it amongst the more innovative Christian institutions of higher learning.

NCI University & Theological Seminary also works alongside a number of campus-based Christian education providers on the five main continents and gives special recognition to their validated programs as equal components of the total learning requirements to receive specified, academic awards for religious, vocational purposes.

Go to this websites contact page:http://www.newcovenant.edu/index.php?page=contact

You will find an address and map (address sound familiar?). Click the image below to see the screen grab of where the map says this ‘University’ is. (Drag image to URL, to see bigger image.)

Enter this address into Google maps and you will find  this familiar location. (Drag image to URL, to see bigger image.)

It’s the same place. No university. The university’s information is wrong when it says, “In 1990 NCIU was incorporated in the United States as an independent, self-governing corporation where it remains to this day”.


I quickly went over to this site to check if NCI University & Theological Seminary should be indeed considered a diploma mill:http://www.elearners.com/guide/online-colleges-universities-and-schools/diploma-mills/.

How can I tell if a school is a diploma mill?

  • They often have names similar to well-known colleges or universities, but fail to mention an accrediting agency or name a fake accrediting agency.
  • The organization frequently changes addresses, sometimes moving from state to state.
  • Written materials typically include numerous spelling and grammatical errors, sometimes on the diploma itself.
  • Overemphasis on the speed and brevity with which someone can receive a degree (e.g. “Call now and have your degree shipped to you overnight!”).
  • Degrees can be earned in far less time than normal (e.g. 27 days) or the diploma is printed with a specific backdate.
  • There is no selectivity in admissions, or any questions about previous test scores or detailed academic history.
  • No interaction with professors or faculty (e.g. only two emails are received from a professor).
  • Degree requirements are vague or unspecified, lacking class descriptions and without any mention of how many credit hours are required to complete a program.
  • Tuition and fees are typically on a per-degree basis.
  • Grade point average (GPA) and academic honors (e.g. Summa Cum Laude) can be specified at the time of purchase.


Finally, I found this comment made by Lionfish on Groupsects:

“Dr Phil (Pringle) “earned” his doctorate from New Covenant International University in Florida writing a book about Acts.

Note that even on his own site he does not quote the Institution from where he “earned”” this qualification: Source:http://www.philpringlegallery.com/bio.html

Here is the website for this institution: http://www.newcovenant.edu/(note the low number of visitors to the site and the ‘sprawling campus at this address: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=7255+South+Military+Trail+Lake+Worth,+33463-7899+USA&sll=37.509726,-95.712891&sspn=38.626676,93.164063&ie=UTF8&ll=26.569491,-80.111275&spn=0.042912,0.090981&z=14

There are a number of well researched sources that document that New Covenant International University is yet another diploma mill.

“This is a legal religious educational institution in the state of Florida in the USA. The Florida Statutes 1005.6 (f) states that, “A religious college may operate without governmental oversight”.

That means you can start up an university to teach black magic in Florida as long as the rules in Statutes 1005.6 is followed. You can give out Ph.D in Voodoo or Ph.D in Bomoh, if you like. Though being legally instituted by the state of Florida, that alone does not guarantee the recognition of the institution’s degrees in other states of the USA and other countries. Such recognition comes through ‘accreditation’. That means the master’s degrees and doctorates provided by institutions which are accredited and those which are not are qualitatively different.

The accreditation body that guarantees the quality of higher education in Florida is the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Theological seminaries and Christian universities like Asbury Theological Seminary and Baylor University are accredited by the body. And New Covenant International University & Theological Seminary is not in the accreditation list.

Simply said, those without accreditation is free to grant degrees without ensuring academic competency and so the certificates are not recognized. The implication is that those people who got their degrees and doctorates from unaccredited institutions cannot use the title “Dr.” in their referent, or even if they use it, it is a fake “Dr.”, like calling a woman without a child under her care as “mother”.

Now you may be wondering why am I highlighting the New Covenant International University & Theological Seminary. That is because the institution’s president Kevin Dyson was here earlier this year giving a series of talks on relationship at City Harvest Church. And lo and behold, our local charismatic Kong Hee’s Master of Divinity (M.Div) and Doctor of Theology (D.Th) are from Dyson’s institution. If he really wants a good quality theological education degree, he can get them from local seminaries and theological colleges. There are plenty which are accredited here. Don’t have to get from a dubious institution in Florida. But if he prefer overseas degrees, he should opt for places like Asbury or Baylor”. Source:http://szezeng.blogspot.com/2009/12/new-covenant-international-university.html

In summary:

1: Be wary of any Doctorate earned in the US – especially Florida. 2: Do your own research
3: Ask for a copy of Dr Phil’s transcript and ask any University in Australia whether they would recognize it
3: Be extremely wary of anything a megachurch Pastor tells you!

Kind regards,

RJM – Lionfish”

  • So Phil Pringle for the last few years has been asking his staff and students to call him Dr Phil.
  • Pringle has used his ‘Doctorate’ to promote and advertise his ministry and ministry colleges.
  • Phil Pringle is on a board of members where he seems to know the president of the NCI University & Theological Seminary, Kevin Dyson.
  • Kevin Dyson DID have an educational institution in Florida, which later moved off the property.
  • Kevin Dyson also gave Kong Hee a Master’s and Doctorate in theology.

Maybe it is worth to take Steve Levicoff’s advice from his book, ‘Name It and Frame It’. If the book was released in 1993, it already exposes the sad credentials of Kong Hee. With Pringle it is more questionable. There is no sign whatsoever that the Seminary is now endorsed as an accredited educational facility. Since Pringle gained his doctorate in 1999, the chances are incredibly high that it is not legitimate.

What adds further weight to it’s illegitimacy is the fact that Pringle only promoted his credentials only a few times. The second time I found he used his doctorate credentials, he was too vague to explain where he got them, what he got them for and who gave them to him. Even if he knows his doctorate is meaningless, why would he not promote people to call him ‘Doctor’ anyway?

If anyone has any more information regarding this, please comment and source your information.