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Christians need to realise that New Covenant International University is NOT an accredited educational institution. Sze Zeng explains the ramifications of ministers who go through this unaccredited institution.

“This is a legal religious educational institution in the state of Florida in the USA. The Florida Statutes 1005.6 (f) states that, “A religious college may operate without governmental oversight”.

That means you can start up an university to teach black magic in Florida as long as the rules in Statutes 1005.6 is followed. You can give out Ph.D in Voodoo or Ph.D in Bomoh, if you like. Though being legally instituted by the state of Florida, that alone does not guarantee the recognition of the institution’s degrees in other states of the USA and other countries. Such recognition comes through ‘accreditation’. That means the master’s degrees and doctorates provided by institutions which are accredited and those which are not are qualitatively different.

The accreditation body that guarantees the quality of higher education in Florida is the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Theological seminaries and Christian universities like Asbury Theological Seminary and Baylor University are accredited by the body. And New Covenant International University & Theological Seminary is not in the accreditation list.

Simply said, those without accreditation is free to grant degrees without ensuring academic competency and so the certificates are not recognized. The implication is that those people who got their degrees and doctorates from unaccredited institutions cannot use the title “Dr.” in their referent, or even if they use it, it is a fake “Dr.”, like calling a woman without a child under her care as “mother”.”

With this in mind, Sze Zeng says,

“Now you may be wondering why am I highlighting the New Covenant International University & Theological Seminary. That is because the institution’s president Kevin Dyson was here earlier this year giving a series of talks on relationship at City Harvest Church. And lo and behold, our local charismatic Kong Hee‘s Master of Divinity (M.Div) and Doctor of Theology (D.Th) are from Dyson’s institution. If he really wants a good quality theological education degree, he can get them from local seminaries and theological colleges. There are plenty which are accredited here. Don’t have to get from a dubious institution in Florida. But if he prefer overseas degrees, he should opt for places like Asbury or Baylor.”

(Source: http://szezeng.blogspot.com.au/2009/12/new-covenant-international-university.html, (Accessed: 22/04/2012).)

So Who Is Gordon Moore?

Gordon Moore has this to say about himself (emphasis mine):

“Gordon and Jo Moore are the founders and Senior Ministers of C3 Church Bridgeman Downs and serve as Executive Members and the National Directors of Australia for C3 Church Global.

Over the last 30 years Gordon has served as a Senior Minister, evangelist, and missionary, teaching and preaching throughout the world. He has authored numerous books, articles, and resources.

Gordon is not only qualified in ministry but also in education. He is a qualified teacher with a Diploma and Certificate in Teaching (NZ), and a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training (Qld). He also holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Bible Theology (USA).

In 1986 Gordon and Jo, with their four children, migrated to Australia and founded C3BD in Brisbane, which has developed into a growing, impacting church. C3BD runs many community activities and the Ignition Training College.

Gordon and Jo’s passion is to build strong local churches that are relevant and successfully reaching the unchurched.”

(Source: Gordon & Jo Moore, http://oceaniaconvention.com/speakers/pastor-gordon-moore/, (Accessed: 22/04/2012).)

Does the fact that Dr. Moore “holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Bible Theology (USA)” raise eyebrows? The institution where he got his doctorate is also the New Covenant International University, Florida USA in the year 2000. They have their old address:

New Covenant International University

7255 South Military Trail
Lake Worth, FL 33463

Main Phone: 561.965.3132
Financial Aid: 561.965.3132
Admissions: 561.965.3132

Website: www.newcovenant.edu
Chief Administrator: Dr. Kevin Dyson, President

Check for street views of the area around: New Covenant International University

(Source: http://www.schoolfinder.us/?r=college&s=FL&a1=442541, Accessed: 22/04/2012, (Accessed 22/04/2012).)

This is the same place Phil Pringle (friends of Kevin Dyson), got his doctorate in 1999.

Is Doctor Phil Pringle Really a Doctor?

You can see Gordon Moore advertising Kevin Dyson’s New Covenant International University where he got his Doctor of Philosophy in Bible Theology, on his Facebook wall.

“New Covenant International University, Florida USA, 2000

PhD Theology and History”

Why does Gordon Moore validate himself as a National Director of Australia for C3 Church Global with this dodgy doctorate? Why do Phil Pringle, Kong Hee and Gordon Moore still use their ‘Dr’ titles when their doctorates are not recognised? Shouldn’t they be more honest?