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Some interesting comments have emerged on C3ChurchWatch in regards to Phil Pringle and his ‘your best life now’ god. We hope to find out more information on these claims.

It has been stated:

“when I was at School of Creative Arts, Phil told a story about a local council member who apparently vehemently opposed the approval for the current Oxford Falls campus. Phil drew the story out, claiming that this guy said that he would rather a tyre burning dumb [sic] be put there than Phil’s CCC church.

Phil then wrapped the story up by stating that this councillor died in a “mysterious car crash.” His moral to the story was that you don’t touch the Lord’s anointed. Phil was saying that the guy died as a result of opposing the C3 movement. Unbelievable but true.” – https://c3churchwatch.wordpress.com/about/#comment-669

“… Phil implied from his story that the council member died within a very short space of time after opposing him.” – https://c3churchwatch.wordpress.com/about/#comment-670

The second account was as follows,

“did you ever hear Phil Pringle suggest that two women died as a result of opposing his ministry (in NZ)? We heard him make that claim in the early years of CCC (now C3).” – https://c3churchwatch.wordpress.com/about/#comment-668

“The way we heard him tell the story is similar, a “subtle” implication that those who were opposing Phil were actually opposing God Himself. And the stories about Warringah Council? Heard plenty, though not that particular one.” – https://c3churchwatch.wordpress.com/about/#comment-674

If you have seen Phil Pringle in the past also make similar comments, if you have audio or video of him saying such things, please email us at c3churchwatch@hotmail.com. Or feel free to comment on this post.

Edit 10/01/2014: Phil Pringle has recently retold the story of the women who opposed him in his sermons on the 29th of December 2013. Please read.

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