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C3 has made their latest scandalous Vision Builders brochure downlable as a pdf document.


If you want to know how to access this from C3, first go to the C3 Church website at http://www.myc3church.net. On the drop down menu at the top, roll over ‘COMMUNITY’ button and click on ‘VISION BUILDERS’ (not the new drop down menu that pops up).

Scroll to the bottom of the ‘Vision Builders’ page and you will see a pdf link titled, ‘VISION BUILDERS E-BROCHURE’.

On page 10 of this e-brochure, we read something familiar:

I am in significant debt , should I pay off my debts or give to Vision Builders?

If you are in ‘out of control debt’, after your tithe the debt should
be your next priority. Reducing the debt to a manageable amount
(or even clearing it completely) should be attempted as you also
make a manageable gift to Vision Builders. Remember no amount
is insignificant.” – Vision Builders 2012, http://www2.myc3church.net/sites/default/files/VISION-BUILDERS-BROCHURE.pdf, pg. 10.

Once again, C3 is exploiting the poor in their congregation. This is the third year C3 Church is giving crippling advice to those who have no money. Why is this immoral behaviour from C3 continuing in the name of God?

We also found the following information on the myc3church website. (From http://www2.myc3church.net/vbpartners.) This below information will be useful for a future C3 Church Watch article.

Partner With Vision Builders
How Can Be Part Of Vision Builders
1) Prayerfully consider the level of giving that you feel is appropriate for you. Your decision should be based on both faith and wisdom. Remember, the philosophy of Vision Builders is equal sacrifice not equal giving.

2) Make a formal commitment to give on a Vision Builders commitment card during the Vision Builders campaign. You will have an opportunity to make your commitment during the Weekend services of 20/21 and 27/28 June by completing a commitment card. Alternatively, you can obtain a commitment card at any time from the Information Desk in the church foyer.

3) SERVING: Choose your method of fulfillment regular payment – This is one of the most successful ways to fulfill your commitment by making a regular weekly or monthly contribution. Regular giving is rewarding and quickly builds as illustrated in the table below.


Weekly Monthly Annually
10 43 520
20 86 1,040
40 173 2,080
80 346 4,160
150 650 7,800
300 1,300 15,600
500 2,166 26,000
1,000 4,332 52,000

Salary Sacrifice: You can arrange with your employer to make a deduction from your salary each pay before tax. Please contact the C3 Church Accounts Department to organise.

Direct Transfer: Can be arranged through your employer or bank. Your bank can arrange regular transfers to occur automatically. You can also organise regular payments via the Internet banking. Again please contact the C3 Church Accounts Department to organise. Or you can choose to make a payment from money currently available or when you receive a work bonus, tax refund or via an asset sale.

Online Donation: Is a popular and convenient way of giving via the Internet. To donate online, click on the ‘Online Giving’ link on the homepage or at the top of this page. Complete the information required and select the ‘Rise and Build’ field. Then continue with ‘proceed’.

Contact us via email if you would like further information.