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Pringle says in his book ‘Keys To Financial Excellence’,

“Some people ask me if they should tithe on the net or the gross amount. I tell them I’m the wrong person to ask if they’re looking for an easy answer. God should come first, before the government, in His claim on our finances. I’ll bet Jesus is pretty weary of being at the end of the line, waiting for our meager leftovers. He shouldn’t even be in the line! He gets the first of all our income, not the IRS, not the medical insurers, not the bills, not the kids, not the vacation, not the recreational vehicles. Our tithe comes from all the money we earn, which includes the amount we earn that goes to pay our income taxes.  In simple terms, my answer is that we should tithe on our gross income, which means all of our income-whether it is gifts, benefits, dividends, earned income-anything that brings financial increase to us. One-tenth of it all belongs to God. That’s not too much to ask of a God who gave it all to us in the first place.

We must realize that tithing is only the beginning of giving. Once we have given God the tithe that belongs to Him, we can then begin to give offerings to the Lord that are above and beyond the tithe…and bring above and beyond abundance!” – Phil Pringle, Keys To Financial Excellence, 2003, pg. 81-82.

Would you say this is good financial advice from Phil Pringle? We encourage readers to compare the last paragraph above to the Vision Builders brochures.