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City Harvest Church’s Kong Hee maintains integrity
By Sharon See | Posted: 30 June 2012 2126 hrs

SINGAPORE: Founder of City Harvest Church, Pastor Kong Hee has maintained his integrity in the face of allegations that he and other senior members of the church misused millions of dollars of church funds to finance his wife, Sun Ho’s music career.

He was addressing church-goers for the first time ever since he and four other church leaders were charged in court on Wednesday.

Saturday marked the first service for City Harvest Church after its founder Kong Hee and four other senior members were charged in court with misuse of church funds.

Addressing thousands of church-goers at the Singapore Expo, Pastor Kong Hee said he can’t comment further on the case as the matter is before the court.

However, he told the congregation that he maintains his integrity.

“The past few days have been very challenging. Please know that there are always two sides to a story. I look forward to the day I can tell you my side of the story in court,” he said.

His wife, Sun Ho, led the congregation in singing hymns.

At the service, some church members spoke up in support of the Crossover Project, which the church said is an outreach programme using Sun Ho’s music to engage non-Christians.

Most church-goers Channel NewsAsia spoke to said while they are concerned about the ongoing court case, they also believe in their pastors.

“We are all very concerned… because, (after all) the people who are charged are our leaders. But we trust in their integrity, and we trust that the law is fair,” said one church member.

“As Christians, we believe that whatever we donate is to God, and the man is only the custodian. So whatever that is done, once we give the money, to me, personally I don’t think about it,” said another.

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