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Kong Hee is the megachurch pastor in Singapore who runs City Harvest Church (CHC). Recently, we have been reporting the shocking allegations from Singapore of Kong Hee’s arrest. Phil Pringle is an advisory pastor and sits on CHC’s Advisory Committee.

Phil Pringle is in Singapore supporting CHC, while Kong Hee and others follow court procedures. Kong Hee looks up to Pringle and his prophetic words. It was because Pringle ‘prophesied’ to Kong that he would own the SunTec City in 1997 that influenced Kong Hee and CHC to make the move.

If the charges against Kong Hee are true and he gets the unfortunate life sentence, this means Phil Pringle gave a false prophecy in regards to Kong Hee having SunTec City. Pringle in the past has used Kong Hee and the SunTec ‘prophecy’ as evidence to demonstrate that he is a legitimate prophet of God. This article offers a good example of this.


Before reading Phil Pringle’s sermon ‘Favor’, we need to let Pringle define what ‘Favor’ actually means:

“This is the grace (unmerited favor) of God – if you are in Christ, you have fulfilled ALL God’s requirements to bless you.” – Phil Pringle, http://philpringle.com/2009/11/01/blessed-not-cursed/, 01/11/09.

The C3 Connect Notes ‘Favour – Ps Phil Pringle‘, were published around the time Phil Pringle gave this sermon. It is from these connect notes Phil Pringle based his sermon on (which we will publish soon):

“God’s favour and God’s grace are interchangeable.” – Phil Pringle, Connect Group Notes: Favour – Ps Phil Pringle, 02/05/2010.

So favour = grace. Keep this at the forefront of your mind!


In 2010, this sermon had:

1. Pringle parade himself as a prophet, using Kong Hee’s recent purchase of SunTec City to demonstrate his prophetic ability. This was so members could embrace his ‘prophetic’ office and his ‘prophetic mesage’.

2. Pringle conditioned the unmerited favour/grace of God to people’s works.

3. Pringle conditioned the unmerited favour/grace of God by teaching “the day the set time of favour” is coming. (Everyday we are already IN God’s unmerited favour/grace so we can be assured of our salvation in Him.)

4. Pringle prophesied financial breakthrough’s over people who suffered through the global GFC.

5. Pringle mangles many scriptures and operates within a financial and Gnostic framework. (We shall look at these scriptures in another post.)

6. Pringle preached a false and dangerous Jesus towards the end.


Here are key snippets from the sermon. Please listen to the audio of sermon. If there are typos or if you believe anything is out of context, please contact us at c3churchwatch@hotmail.com. We will fix the comments as best we can.

“I want you to come with me to Psalm 102. Psalm 102. This message is – it has teaching in it– but more than anything this is what I would call, ‘message of a prophet’; a prophetic message. A message for a time. A message that wasn’t for January- Isn’t for August- It’s for now- Today.

God has something to say to us today. I’m not good at a lot of things but I’m not bad at getting the timing of the Word of the Lord right. You heard Kong Hee tell you I prophesied over him about five times that he would have Suntek City. He always dismissed it cos it’s an icon of Singapore. It’s in the main. It’s right in the middle. In the heart of the city. And just four weeks ago he signed to purchase that at a price of $310, 000 000. Amen! [Applause] Ahaha! These things come to pass. Ok. So I’m just saying that to ya. And if I get a word, it’s because it’s- and I say this, you know it’s not because I’m trying to bolster the word or anything like that. I don’t need to do that, I’m just letting you know the nature of this message is that, this is something that is a ‘Now!’ word for you and me.

So in Psalm 102:13 it says “You will arise, and have mercy on Zion”. Zion is the church. In the Old Testament it was the hill of the Jebusites inhabited. They were a Philistine/ Canaanite tribe who felt their position was impregnable. However, David and his men conquered Jebus, Mt Jebus, and renamed it Zion where he built the palace and he built the temple and it became known as the City of David. And in the New Testament, Zion is the church.

So it’s interchangeable. “You’ll arise and have mercy on the church, for the time to favour her-” everybody say ‘for the time to favour her’. [Audience: Time to favour her] The SET time! Yes the set time [Audience: The set time] has come! [Audience: has come!]” – Phil Pringle, http://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/favor/id129622905?i=83970289, iTunes: (00:27), C3 Oxford Falls, 6pm Sermon: ‘Favour’, Released 10/06/10.

“Favour is what you prioritise. What you favour; what you distinguish as going to receive higher attention, higher value then anything else. And so when God says, “I’m going to favour you”, He says, “I’m going to distinguish you as somebody that’s going to be getting more attention and blessing on their life then others”. That’s what favour is.” – Phil Pringle, iTunes: (04:19), C3 Oxford Falls, 6pm Sermon: ‘Favour’, Released 10/06/10.

“This is the time we are living in when the church will be built like it never has been before. There is approximately one billion- one billion Spirit-filled people in the world today. It’s about eight hundred to nine hundred million. It is astonishing and it is growing and increasing all around the world in spite of all kind of setbacks and things that happen along the way. It just keeps on growing.” – Phil Pringle, http://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/favor/id129622905?i=83970289, iTunes: (05:36), C3 Oxford Falls, 6pm Sermon: ‘Favour’, Released 10/06/10.

“We are living in the time the last days where the church will rise to become the chief of all the mountains – all the organisations around the world. You are in the power – the most powerful place that you can possibly be in all the earth. Right here in the house of God you’re gonna find yourself under favour and under blessing because of the set time has come, but on a more focused level right here now in this church. I believe it is the time, a set time of favour, is gonna come upon your life.” – Phil Pringle, http://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/favor/id129622905?i=83970289, iTunes: (06:26), C3 Oxford Falls, 6pm Sermon: ‘Favour’, Released 10/06/10.

“What happens when you get favour on your life? You’re going to get some enemies! You’re going to get some enemies on you…” – Phil Pringle, http://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/favor/id129622905?i=83970289, iTunes: (09:58), C3 Oxford Falls, 6pm Sermon: ‘Favour’, Released 10/06/10.

“If you don’t want to get blessed for your sake then go ahead then just- just- then at least for His sake! Amen! For His glory! For the honour of God, let’s get a little expansive and ruin all those damaging poverty mindsets that have tumbled along with religion for so long and try to somehow make pious and sanctify some lives that are lacking in resources and lacking in abilities and lacking in all kinds of ways, and to put this word ‘success’ back into ‘The lord was with Him’. “And therefore he enjoyed blessing and favour on his life.”

And I know that crinkles some of us! But let it crinkle you! [Pastors cheer] Let it change your mind here this morning. So do you mind to open up a little and say, “You know what? Maybe that is the very reason why blessing isn’t flowing, cos I got the handbrake on in this concept. I got some allegiance to a traditional mindset to a religious concept and I’m just holding back”. Let it go! Here today and say, “You know what? I’m gonna get set free by the Word of God here today and start seeing this Word in a totally different light [crowd applauds] so that blessing and favour can come upon me”.

Don’t be worried what other people think…” – Phil Pringle, http://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/favor/id129622905?i=83970289, iTunes: (16:00), C3 Oxford Falls, 6pm Sermon: ‘Favour’, Released 10/06/10.

“Why does favour come on our lives? Well number one reason I believe is because you got a great attitude. While I was on the way hear this morning, I was thinking about this thing, “I gotta write a book about ten great elements of a great attitude or something like that”, because sometimes we say [clicks finger] “Have on a good attitude!”, but we don’t know what that is. It’s the ability to forgive people; it’s a thankful heart; it’s worship; it’s a whole bunch of things that I won’t go into right now BUT- When you have a great attitude on you, in spite of the challenges coming against you, you’ll find favour continues to live on your life.” – Phil Pringle, http://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/favor/id129622905?i=83970289, iTunes: (18:33), C3 Oxford Falls, 6pm Sermon: ‘Favour’, Released 10/06/10.

“But let me tell you this also: When our hearts are pure, you can see God.” – Phil Pringle, http://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/favor/id129622905?i=83970289, iTunes: (20:39), C3 Oxford Falls, 6pm Sermon: ‘Favour’, Released 10/06/10.

“You better get yourself ready for the day the set time of favour, when it’s coming upon you.” – Phil Pringle, http://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/favor/id129622905?i=83970289, iTunes: (22:42), C3 Oxford Falls, 6pm Sermon: ‘Favour’, Released 10/06/10.
“Favour on us is a crown on our head. It’s the ability to rule. It’s the glory of God rested on your life in any given circumstance. [Long pause] The way that this crown comes upon you is when you have gone through a trial and you’ve found your whole world getting shaken, but you’ve stayed strong.” – Phil Pringle, http://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/favor/id129622905?i=83970289,iTunes: (24:18), C3 Oxford Falls, 6pm Sermon: ‘Favour’, Released 10/06/10.
“We have seen a shaking in the financial world over the last two years. The global financial crisis of shaking. Many of you have found yourselves getting shaken in the middle of all this. Some of you your spiritual life- the heavens in your world have been shaken. You wondered where God is. You wondered how it’s all going to work out. Some of you wondered whether or not you would still favour the House of God above others. And those of you who have are gonna find yourself in the time of favour right now. That will exceed any kind of blessing that you’ve ever had in your life before. I believe that the time ahead for our church here and for our movement around the world, right now [whacks hands together] a HUGE door of opportunity and blessing are about to open upon us. Simply because there have been times of shaking. And God shakes things so that what even shakes His church (He shakes His kingdom; He shakes His people; He shakes His servants), because what CAN be shaken He doesn’t want to build on. If it can be shaken it will get shaken out. But what can’t get shaken can only get stronger through the shaking. It puts its roots down deeper. It toughens up and says, “You know what? I’m not going anywhere! Amen! I’m planted in the work of God. I am planted in the House of God. I’m planted in the temple”. And some of you have been through the worst shakings of your entire life.

Well I’ve got good news for you: The set time [crowd cheers] to favour you  has COME! [applause] The blessing of God is going to break through in your life in very real, in very actual, in very physical circumstances [crowd still applauding]. And I believe that if you endure temptation, the trial, the test, that’s the meaning of that word. Means temptation, trial, test. It’s like an examination…

Then it says “Once you are approved”, God looks at us as we travel through the shaking. Once you are approved, you get this crown of life on you. In the middle of that Haggai scripture he says this amazing thing. He says, “I’m shaking everything so that everybody will come to Christ, the Desire of All Nations”. And then He says, “The silver is mine and the gold is mine”, right in the middle of this. He’s talking about shaking!

What’s this for? He’s referring. He’s referring to financial shaking. That’s why He’s saying- listen: “The silver in the earth is mine and the gold in the earth is mine. It is no problem for me to get a hold of it no matter who’s name is on it right now, and put it into your hands.”

And part of the favour you’ll experience in your life is God shifting blessing over into your hands. I mean there are some unusual scriptures! One of them says “The wealth of the unrighteous is laid up for the righteous”. It’s incredible!” – Phil Pringle, http://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/favor/id129622905?i=83970289, iTunes: (25:22-28:10), C3 Oxford Falls, 6pm Sermon: ‘Favour’, Released 10/06/10.

Phil Pringle teaches dangerously on Gnosticism. Is this the Jesus of the bible? Is Jesus incapable of performing miracles? Did he earn God’s favour? Did he earn a crown to perform miracles? Was the devil in the head and heart of Jesus? Did Jesus earn and We encourage you to listen to the audio on this. We believe this is incredibly dangerous doctrine to embrace:

“Let me just talk to you about this enduring temptation. Because I believe it is a lot more specific than a general principle. It says ‘They will receive a crown’.  And I was thinking about this and I thought about Jesus, when he got tempted. And I thought ‘You know what? He was tempted to turn stones into bread… but he resisted.’ He said “No I’m not gonna – I’m tempted to, to prove that I am the Son of God. Just imagine if I just go out there and try make some bread and it doesn’t work. Just, just give myself a little assurance… on the side.” He was tempted to do this on the basis of an ‘if’. He knew it was a wrong motivation so he was just – but it must have been hard! Must have been long! But I believe once He came out of that, he got a crown on His head to work miracles. Cos more than once in the New Testament he makes bread… supernaturally!

He laid down that temptation and he comes out with a gift of miracles that walks on water and multiplies bread…

The second temptation he had was to throw Him self off the pinnacle of the temple. Now I don’t know how he got there. He must’ve crawled up there –the temptation driving him so bad.

“I just wanna see if God will look after me.”

And so he’s up there – It’s not like there’s a devil out here. It’s in His head and in His heart He was thinking ‘Just to make sure…’. He’s up on the pinnacle of the temple thinking “I’m going to throw myself down”, but he resisted. He pull’s out and says ‘No. I’m gonna- I’m gonna trust God’. Right then he got the Crown of Resurrection on Him, cos eventually he lays his life down and He’s raised from the dead.

And out of the resurrection comes every other miracle. If you can raise a whole body from the dead, you can heal a blind eye, you can open a deaf ear, you can make broken limbs walk again.

And the final temptation was to bow down to the devil and he said he would give him what? All the kingdoms of the world! So He resisted that as well. It was a feeling inside of him, a temptation to do this. But he pulled out of that. After the resurrection he ascends and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God and He’s got the crown on His head that all the kingdoms of the entire world are put into his hand. He got all those things that the devil was trying to make Him do. It might have been a right result, but it was going about it the wrong way – which is always a temptation of the devil.

So whenever you are going through a trial there is a purpose in it. God wants to put a crown on your head at the end of a trial. And it’s a crown of favour so that whatever you put your hand to, you’re going to find blessing comes through you. How is it that you look at some people and it works and you do exactly the same and it doesn’t work? Something’s on their head. Some kind of crown. Some kind of authority. Some kind of ruler-ship in this life.

Abraham went up to Mt Moriah and God said “Put him through a test”. He said “I want you to give me your son, your only beloved son”- he waited a hundred years for. He was a miracle child! And he’s prepared to do it. He goes almost all the way. And God only- It was only God who stopped him. He pulled through that test and he became the father. He got the crown of nations on him that day. Not just one child back but a family; a nation. And not just one nation but MANY nations. We’re even called the children of Abraham today cos of one act of sacrifice. One act of surviving a temptation of trial.

Moses. His temptation was to- was to stay in the courts of Pharoah or else become associated with the Hebrews: the slaves. He so wanted to stay in the comfort, in the riches, in all the power of the glory of the court of Pharoah. But he resisted that. And he went out there. And he got on him a crown of leadership. Forty years later he becomes the king of the nation of Israel. He becomes the founder of the nation through whom the Saviour of the world would come. He delivers the Law from the mountain, inscribed with the finger of God. This man got a crown on his head because he survived a temptation- Whatever trials you have been travelling through, there’s going to come an end. There comes an end to a trial. It’s over in Jesus name. [Pastors start getting excited] You’re gonna come to the end and as you come to the end you come out of it approved by God and he puts a crown on your head and says: “Today I am going to give you authority. I’m going to give you favour and I’m going to give you glory. In all these circumstances that you have managed [Audience applause] to be victorious in, you’re going to find the favour of God- the crown of heaven, living on your head, in Jesus name!

And do you know the amazing thing is, after Jesus survived all of these amazing temptations, it says in Revelations 19:12, “On His head were many crowns”. He rules in so many dimensions. And even on your head there might be more than one crown after you go through one trial after another. But this is what I believe: the set time to favour you; to put a crown on your head; to bring you out of the trial as somebody’s approved and who can now put their hand on circumstances and see blessing and favour run wild through your life- that time is right now in Jesus’ mighty name. And everybody said! Amen! … Thank Him! Jesus in this hour!”  – Phil Pringle, http://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/favor/id129622905?i=83970289, iTunes: (29:23-35:07), C3 Oxford Falls, 6pm Sermon: ‘Favour’, Released 10/06/10.