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Last weekend, Kong Hee addressed City Harvest Church about his situation and his moral integrity over the allegations of financial misconduct.

(Edit (07/08/2012): He still parades himself as “Dr. Kong Hee”.)

However, Hee did not honestly address Pringle Pringle at this event. Hee addressed Phil Pringle as ‘Dr Phil Pringle’.

I Do Maintain My Integrity – Dr Kong Hee

It is always good to have a solid pastor to assess the evidence of Kong Hee (head of City Harvest Church), Phil Pringle (head of the C3 Movement) and Gordon Moore (founders and Senior Ministers of C3 Church Bridgeman Downs, Executive Member/National Directors of Australia for C3 Church Global).

Pastor Gervase Charmley examined our articles here:

Is Doctor Phil Pringle Really a Doctor?

What Is Wrong With Gordon & Kong?

This was his assessment of their diploma mill doctorates:

“Obviously not every non-accredited school is a diploma mill. What makes a diploma mill is that a degree may be obtained quickly and with little or no actual effort on the part of the one obtaining it, apart from the payment of a fee. For example, I do not think anyone would call Bob Jones University a diploma mill. Online education and distance learning are facts of our modern world, so that there are institutions that do not have a campus in the traditional sense, but who have high academic standards (The Open University in the UK is a great example of this, and probably the oldest). But from the description of the institution that awarded the doctorates of Phil pringle and Kong Hee, it sounds like a classic diploma mill.” – Pastor Gervase Charmley, 11/08/2012.

Don’t forget that Phil Pringle and Kong Hee have other close friends in ministry, who also got their false doctorates from another diploma mill.

Congo Line Of Unqualified Ministers Endorsed By Phil Pringle