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[Edit 29/08/2015: Broken original images repaired.]

We have recorded Kong Hee stating that “Sun is not a pastor“. But we have recorded Sun Hee say ‘I know that I represent City Harvest Church‘, when expressing her gratitude of Phil Pringle’s involvement with their affairs. She said this at Phil Pringle’s C3 Presence Conference 2012. So is Sun Hee a pastor not? What is her position in all this?

Ian.OnTheRedDot shines a bit of light on Sun’s position in City Harvest Church,

Is She Pastor Ho Yeow Sun?

Is Ho Yeow Sun a pastor? If you are familiar with City Harvest Church, you probably would not have missed the controversy that surrounded her when she entered the secular music industry; a controversy based on arguments that it was inappropriate for a pastor to do so. I’ve read that the church leaders have in recent years sought to distance her from the tag ‘pastor’. Personally, I have encountered this possible policy a few years back when I noticed that the church bulletin started addressing her differently.

That to me was rather disappointing – disappointing because of an article published by the magazine Harvest Times.

Pastor Sun Ho CHC Mag1Pastor Sun Ho CHC Mag2Pastor Sun Ho CHC Mag3

I found this magazine when i was packing for the moving of my house. The last scan shows that when she first started her career, there was the deliberate positioning to associate her as a music/singing pastor.

(From: Is She Pastor Ho Yeow Sun?, Ian On The Red Dot, http://ian.onthereddot.com/2008/10/19/is-she-pastor-ho-yeow-sun/, 19/10/2008. (Accessed: 03/07/2012.))

While a reader commented, “Although yeah her husband is the pastor and she did help out in church, I think the label Pastor Sun was totally media created,” (Spankalot, 20-Oct-08 at 9:23 am), the writer of the article stated:

“the magazine was published by the church. So the pastor tag was definitely not media created… the magazine is an old one… long before the controversy started…  I’m disappointed because I used to support her and what she was doing based on the premise that it was a pastor who was entering the secular music industry to make a difference there and not be part of it. Now that the pastor tag has been dropped, it seems the original reason has been lost.” – iantimothy, 12:31, 21/10/2008.

Looks like the Sun came out!