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Phil Pringle was being interviewed by the Word of Faith heretic Joyce Meyer on her show, ‘Enjoying Everyday Life’. Pringle said the following:

“And then one day this guy- um. You know I went to him and said, ‘Look! I’m not coping. You know, I’m- we had one missionary girl who’d been killed in the Phillipines. We had one pastor who was being sued. Umm… Our- the property that we’re trying to get past to be had been defeated three times over an eight year period at council. We are on national news, being hounded by current affair programs and cameras. And you know and- I had five things going on all at once and I felt like. . . and they’re calling us all kind of names in the press n’ whatever. We’re on the front page of newspapers n’ whatever…” – Phil Pringle, Enjoying Everyday Life, Joyce Meyer – The Process of Emotional Healing Part 1: 03:32, http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5254068187914757299, Uploaded 2009.

If anyone knows any information on the C3 missionary that was killed or the C3 pastor being sued, please contact us at c3churchwatch@hotmail.com.

As for Phil Pringle and the C3 Church, it is of our opinion that Phil Pringle exaggerated on Joyce Meyers program that Phil Pringle and his C3 Church movement were “on the front page of newspapers.” We have not seen this.

We would also like to point out that according to Pringle’s theology on faith, he lost his faith three times due to his three defeats with council. Why isn’t his teaching working?

We will be examining this Joyce Meyers video in a later article.