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[Email c3churchwatch@hotmail.com for access to the original audio/video of Kong Hee played in this review.]

I received some positive feedback from my last video review and so I decided to record another. This particular review focuses on Phil Pringle’s negligence in allowing Kong Hee of City Harvest Church Singapore to collect the opening offering on opening night at Presence Conference 2012, all the while being under investigation for misuse of church funds, about which Phil Pringle was completely aware and yet failed to mention any of the relevant details concerning the investigations to those attending the conference and watching online via live webcast. I critique Kong’s offering talk wherein he twists God’s word to fleece the audience.

Instead of getting the facts, the audience was fed a one sided propaganda piece, painting Kong as the victim and Phil Pringle as the hero who swooped in to save the day. As you watch this review, ask yourself: would the audience have been so willing to hand over their money at the conference if they knew that the man encouraging them to ‘give’ was currently under investigation for misuse of church funds? I don’t think so. This review will focus on Phil Pringle’s NEGLIGENCE in allowing all this to happen.

Please share this video with anyone you know who attends a C3 Church affiliated with Phil Pringle, especially if they attended this year’s Presence Conference 2012 (April 10-13, Darling Harbour Convention Centre, Sydney)

Below you will find links to the news articles I play in this review.

City Harvest’s founder Kong Hee, four others arrested – 26Jun2012

[Disclaimer: I agree with the statement made by Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Teo Chee Hean in this video that the law should be allowed to take its course and speculation or pre-judgments should be avoided. Therefore, I do not endorse Joanne Chan’s explanation concerning how CHC’s funds may have been misused over the years (see video at 2:20), as this could be considered by some as speculation and pre-judgement.]

City Harvest’s founder Kong Hee, four others charged – 27Jun2012