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How can CHC be the greatest place or church when the youth are hero-worshiping Kong Hee? It’s nice to have songs written about people. But do you think that this song goes too far in exalting Kong Hee and CHC? Is CHC demonstrating signs of being a cult by revealing that their youth may be brainwashed to worshiping Kong Hee and CHC?

The lyrics on Kong Hee say,

“… There is a man with a soul full of faith

With a soul full of love and one big heart

And as he stands with his arms stretched open wide

To every broken heart, they’ll never be the same

Of all thing’s his love is undeniable

His words impact the hearts of the world

He’s a world changer and a history maker

The greatest man that I have ever known

The greatest man that I will ever know…”

From Yahoo Singapore: http://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com/blogs/singapore-showbiz/city-harvest-youths-record-song-support-pastor-kong-060813258.html (Accessed 31/07/2012.)

City Harvest youths record song in support of Pastor Kong Hee
By Jeffrey Oon | Singapore Showbiz – Mon, Jul 30, 2012 2:08 PM SGT

23 youths from City Harvest Church have recorded a music video to express support for their congregation and its embattled leadership.

Titled “The Greatest Place — City Harvest Church” , the 4-and-a-half-minute video begins with an opening sequence of several youths proclaiming their love for “this place”.

The video, which was recorded earlier this month on 15th July, also describes how the music video came to be.

“23 youths from different zones and cellgroups came together to record a song in support of our church and our leadership,” says an opening message in the video.

Several lines of lyrics call City Harvest the place where the youths — who by their looks range from early teens to mid-twenties — found their “home”, “freedom” and the “greatest place I have ever known.”

Although church founder Pastor Kong Hee is never directly mentioned, he is shown preaching in several sequences while lyrics allude to him as “the greatest man that I have ever known”.

The video, which was uploaded on YouTube on 28 July and has been viewed close to 5,000 times, also addresses the testing time the church faces.

“In this time, we will stand stronger, hand in hand we will climb higher, this is my church, my life,” goes one of the main lines in the song.

Unitedrecordssg, which uploaded the video, describes itself as a production house by musicians for musicians.

After a two-year investigation, Kong Hee and five other senior members of the church were charged in June for allegedly misusing$24 million of church funds to further the career of Kong Hee’s pop-star wife, Sun Ho.

Earlier this week, Kong Hee, 47, said he maintains his integrity and he is confident he would be “vindicated”. Pre-trial conferences for all six will be held on 30 August.

City Harvest, which was founded by Kong Hee and his wife Sun Ho, boasts an average weekly attendance of 23,000 worshippers with an average age of 24.

Watch the video here.