We’ve covered that Phil Pringle, Gordon Moore, Kong Hee and other close friends and associates of Pringle and Hee don’t hold accredited doctorates:

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(^ Please note that “The implication is that those people who got their degrees and doctorates from unaccredited institutions cannot use the title “Dr.” in their referent, or even if they use it, it is a fake “Dr.”, like calling a woman without a child under her care as “mother”.“)

Bishop Dale C. Bronner is speaking this year at C3’s RealMens Conference. This video sums up Bronner’s prosperity heresy very well. And yes, his ministry IS called ‘Word of Faith – Family Worship Cathedral’. (The name of Bronner’s ministry should give his heretical background away.)

And yes – Bronner also has starred on the apostate Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

If none are familiar with the heretical and blasphemous TBN channel, your research starts now.


It is highly likely that Pringle knows Bronner through the Christian Men’s Network (CMN) Board. Paul Louis Cole is the president of CMN and runs C3 Church Dallas in Texas. Phil Pringle and Dale Bronner are on the board of CMN. (Read: http://www.cmnworld.com/about/leadership, (Accessed 14/07/2012.))


Dales website profile reads,

“In 2001, he earned his doctor of ministry degree from Christian Life School of Theology.” – http://woffamily.org/dbronner.htm, Accessed 14/07/2012.

To help clarify which ‘Christian Life School of Theology’ (CLST) is, Dale’s wife page reads,

“She received her Doctor of Ministry degree from CLST (now Beacon University) in September of 2002.” http://woffamily.org/nbronner.htm, Accessed 14/07/2012.

With this information, we know they studied at Covington, Georgia outside the city of Atlanta.

CLSTs are spread around North America. A school network by the name of “Christian Life Educators Network (CLEN) is a network of local schools providing a standardized Bible-based curriculum to students around the world.”

To see understand how CLEN operate, we need to examine ‘Restoration Ministries’ (RM). RM say they, “are a part of the Christian Life Education Network.

While RM says that CLEN “Keep your job while you earn your certificate or degree; Study on your own time; In-Class time is committed to only one weekend per month; Be accredited for your studies; Study full-time or Part-time, as your schedule permits; Become a Distance Education Student; Be part of a strong network; Prepare yourself to fulfill your destined purpose,” RM says they,

“1. Transfer credits from prior learning, life and ministry experiences.
2. Degrees issued by Christian Life School of Theology (CLST), through an articulation agreement with Christian Life Educators Network (CLEN)” – http://www.resministries.net/, Accessed 14/07/2012.

RM sounds like a diploma mill. While RM says they are part of CLEN, they say on CLST and themselves (our emphasis in bold):

“Christian Life School of theology (CLST) is a unique religious exempt Theological School offering various programs of study in Theology. We are not accredited…

Further, we believe the credibility of CLST is not in accreditation, but in the fruitfulness and surrendered lives of the students who have attended our courses…

Christian Life School of Theology is known worldwide for its excellence as a School of Theology. Our graduates have successfully transferred our units to many Christian colleges around the country. If you have specific questions about the transferability of CLST coursework, contact the registrar’s Office of the institution you desire to attend.

CLST is a member of the Association of Christian Schools, International (ACSI), and our curriculum has been approved for awarding continuing Education Units (CEUs). This means that CLST courses are recognized by public and private schools as meeting their teachers’ continuing education requirements. Check with your local school or district for applicable guidelines. ” http://www.resministries.net/accreditation.html, Accessed 14/07/2012.

Restoration Ministries also discloses this information about their chancellor (Rev. Dudley Mayers):


  • Open Bible Faith Fellowship
  • Festival of Praise International
  • Canadian Food for the Hungry
  • Transformation Prayer Ministries
  • CLEN – Christian Life Educators Network
  • CLST – Christian Life School of Theology” http://www.resministries.net/chancellor.html

CLSTs website informed us it was previosuly named BIM (we don’t know what that means), to CLST. The Bronner’s informed us it is now named Beacons University. The CLST in Covington, Georgia has changed it’s name three times (which is also the sign of a diploma mill). The Bronners school is online here: http://clstcovington.tripod.com/

The US Department of Education says,

“The dictionary defines a diploma mill as:

An institution of higher education operating without supervision of a state or professional agency and granting diplomas which are either fraudulent or because of the lack of proper standards worthless. –Webster’s Third New International Dictionary

Diploma mills are schools that are more interested in taking your money than providing you with a quality education. You need to know how to protect yourself as a consumer.” – US Department of Education, ED.gov, http://www2.ed.gov/students/prep/college/diplomamills/diploma-mills.html, (Accessed 14/07/2012).

We know that Restoration Ministries is unaccredited. But they say they are apart of CLEN. Type in Beacon University in the ‘US Department of Education’ and you find  that the ‘accredited university’ has the same address as the dodgy CLEN:

Institution: Beacon University

General Information
6003 Veterans Parkway
Columbus, GA  31909-4663
Phone: 706-323-5364 / 100
For more information about this institution, visit beacon.edu
Previous name(s): Beacon Theological Seminary, Beacon College, Beacon College and Graduate School”
The link is a broken lnk and this University also has a number of different names. Compare the above address to the CLEN address:

Christian Life Educators Network

6003 Veterans Parkway

Columbus, GA 31909

(From: http://www.clenetwork.org/contact.php, Accessed 17/07/2012.)

You’ll notice that the CLST’s new address is the same is at CLEN’s address. So what is going on?


CLST was revealed in 2002 of being dishonest with their degrees. But they “denied that it intentionally violated state law.” However, they agreed in court to “refund tuition” and no longer award degrees.

“”………Hawthorne, who is a pastor in Plano, said she was duped by Christian
Life School of Theology.

The school, based in Columbus, Ga., offered classes in Texas through
satellite campuses in more than a dozen churches from Fort Worth and
Dallas to Denton and Plano. Students attended classes at a local
church, where they were assured that their degrees were from an
accredited institution, several former students said.

Hawthorne said that she and at least 20 members of her congregation
were misled by the pastors of one satellite campus at Where Eagles
Soar Church in Plano.

Dwayne Lusk, the former senior pastor of the church, did not return
repeated calls seeking comment. Another pastor, Paul Freeman,
referred a reporter to Christian Life’s founder and president, Ronald
Cottle. Lusk and Freeman also took the church’s courses, state
documents show.

Cottle did not respond to interview requests. Bruce Griggs, an Austin
attorney who represented the school in the coordinating board’s
action, said he could not comment.

In a September 2000 letter, Cottle told the higher education
commission that he had an informal agreement to grant degrees in the
state. Cottle could not produce documentation, said David Linkletter,
a program specialist for the coordinating board.

In 2002, Christian Life reached a settlement with the state, agreeing
to refund tuition, and denied that it intentionally violated state

As with other schools, Christian Life received an advantageous
settlement in exchange for no longer awarding degrees. Linkletter
said that is the state’s primary goal.

One Amarillo woman, for instance, spent more than $2,000 for a
theology degree and received a $10.25 refund. According to the terms
of the agreement, that was all the woman was entitled to, documents

Christian Life School, which has since changed its name to Beacon
University, continues to operate in states that have a religious
degree-granting exemption…….”

From: Darren Barbee, Battles loom over right to grant degrees, Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX), http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nazarene_fraud_victims/message/1175, 6/02/2005. (Whole article will be posted below.)

You can read the agreement settlement here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/48049136/Christian-Life-School-of-Theology-pdf-Adobe-Acrobat-Pro (Accessed 01/08/2012.)

Let’s face it. This RealMen conference is full of false teachers with fake doctorates.