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Phil Pringle’s protege Kong Hee, is currently under investigation by Singaporean authorities. Among others, he has been charged for the mishandling of church funds. Read the following:

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It also must be noted that Phil Pringle KNEW that Kong Hee was under investigation but continually did not inform his C3 Church network, nor Christians or Churches, locally, nationally or globally. Instead Kong Hee has been elevated or portrayed as a victim in his circumstances. Specifically this year, Kong Hee encouraged people to empty their bank accounts at this years Presence Conference. Not once did Pringle or Kong Hee disclose to those at this event WHY Kong Hee was being investigated:

Empty your Bank Account | Phil Pringle’s negligence in allowing Kong Hee to fleece at Presence 2012

How Can Kong Hee Say “I Do Maintain My Integrity”(Part 3)

But in the past, scrutiny has been turned on Phil Pringle’s mentor Yonggi Cho by Cho’s elders. Read part 1 here of Yonggi Cho before reading below:

David Yonngi Cho Church Fraud Investigation? (Part 1)

The Hankyoreh reports,

Yoido Full Gospel Church purges elders who blew whistle on founder

Yoido Full Gospel Church has suspended or expelled 28 elders for not withdrawing legal accusations against senior pastor David Yonggi Cho, 77.

The punishments are a form of retaliation for blowing the whistle on alleged misdeeds by Cho and his son Hee-jun, 48. This comes even as the father faces prosecution for more than US$10 million in breach of trust losses and millions of dollars in taxes evaded, while the son, a onetime Kookmin Ilbo chairman, was placed under court custody in January, which is evidence that the allegations were likely true.

Yoido Full Gospel Church has around one million members and is the biggest Pentecostal Christian congregation in the world. It was founded in 1958 by Cho and his mother Choi Ja-shil, who are both Assemblies of God pastors.

The church announced on Mar. 14 that its committee for the current term had held a meeting where it decided to expel elders Kim Dae-jin, Kim Seok-gyun, and Ha Sang-ok, who led the accusations against Cho in 2011, and suspend the other 25 who took part.

The committee was chaired by senior pastor Lee Young-hoon and made up of 46 other members including representatives of the church steering committee. It passed the disciplinary action by a vote of 36 in favor, nine against, and two abstentions. According to church bylaws, an expulsion is the second strongest disciplinary action after excommunication, stripping the person of all duties within the church for over one year. A suspension strips an individual of duties for six months or more.

After an emergency meeting on Feb. 17, the church announced that it would be taking action if the whistle blowers did not retract their accusations against David Yonggi Cho. On Feb. 28, the Assembly of God of Korea – a church affiliated with Yoido Full Gospel – and the Christian Council of Korea (chaired by Rev. Hong Jae-chul) said that anyone who did not withdraw their accusations against Cho would be dismissed according to church code.

“Obviously, the disciplinary action is wrong,” said a church elder who spoke on condition of anonymity. “The elders’ accusations were true. It is also wrong procedurally to discipline them for not following the order to withdraw their accusations when it was not an official decision by the church conference.”

One elder who was disciplined said they were planning to appeal the decision in terms of church rules and civil law.

Kim Ae-hee, secretary-general of Christian Alliance for Church Reform, said the elders felt compelled to go to prosecutors after the church did not respond when the matter was raised internally.

“What the flock wants is for the prosecutors to investigate the breach of trust charges fairly,” Kim said. “Hopefully, Rev. Cho will go along honorably with the investigation without any interference from the church.”

Source: By Kim Kyu-nam, Yoido Full Gospel Church purges elders who blew whistle on founder, The Hankyoreh, http://english.hani.co.kr/arti/english_edition/e_national/578213.html, Mar.15,2013 14:20 KST. (Accessed 24/06/2013.)

Finally, we have this article:

From: http://www.straitstimes.com/PrimeNews/Story/STIStory_715350.html

Thanks to http://lady-wen.blogspot.com.au/2011/09/dr-yonggi-chos-comment-on-japanese-25.html for the above screen grabs. Lady Wen wrote this article on the 23 September 2011. The writer expresses her thoughts on this which reveal the that her mind has been conditioned by false Word Faith teaching,

“Fast forward 6 mths later, Straits Times has disproved my suspicion. I remembered being upset if that was really what he said. Mind you, the whole world was mourning with Japan then. Can you imagine how the Japanese must have felt when they hear a South Korean say they deserved the devastating earthquake?

Yet in retrospect, I can understand what possessed Dr. Cho to make such a seemingly unkind comment; my grandma also said something along the lines of the Japanese paying for their past sins (referring to the earthquake) and I don’t blame her or Dr. Cho for such prejudiced views towards the Japanese cos they had to go through what I didn’t – World War II.

Granny was only a teenager then and her family had to hide in the jungles for fear that the Japanese would capture my great grandfather who was a village head. I think what was most scary was that she had to look like a boy and dress shabbily so that the Japanese soldiers wouldn’t rape her.

She is now 84 years old while Dr. Cho is 75 and you know, that’s how the older generation talk sometimes – they cannot help themselves as they’re very set in their views. I guess the difference is that the latter is veryeducated and was/is a pastor of the world’s largest church, which made his comment that much harder to swallow.

I visited New Life Church in Taipei when I was there for vacation
in June and guess who was preaching?
Mrs. Cho! =) A.k.a Dr. Kim.

Loved their bulletin and envelop btw, so colorful and cheery! Dr. Kim’s message was about being happy and rejoicing even in trying circumstances. She shared how she had to learn to overcome really trying circumstances in her life, like when certain people in her church disagrees with certain things, no details mentioned…

Who are these 29 elders and what do they have to gain if this was a baseless accusation done only to smear Dr. Cho?

They must be super long time church members like twenty years kind if not how to become elders and hold leadership positions right? The question on my mind is why would these long time church leaders have the guts to file a civil suit against Dr. Cho if they honestly did not have any substantial evidence to believe so?They are long time church leaders but they actually have no moral integrity? Then how did they even become leaders in the first place? Hmmmmmm……..

If this happened in CHC, it’ll be like Pst Tan, Derek, Aries, etc. coming together to sue Pst Kong for misuse of funds! Unimaginable and freaking scary rite!”

If this was a baseless accusation thrown just so that Dr. Cho and his family would relinquish control of the church… WA LIAO. If I were the senior pst, I would throw them out of church once investigations results are out and let them go find another one. I mean, how could you do this to the man who slogged his entire life to make the church what it is today and betray him like that?

I dunno if that’s what Jesus would do in the same circumstance but that is what I would do lol. (I’m obviously not called to be a full-time pastor! =D)

I don’t want to speculate why Dr. Cho cannot let go mgmt of the church funds completely etc. but I imagine it must be really hard to… If like him, you’ve invested 50 yrs of your life into an organization, would u be able to bo chup when you retire? I think that requires a lot of faith, doesn’t it? =D”


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