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"You'll never get a greater joy than the joy of giving, by doing the ridiculous to release the miraculous, stepping out where you haven't been before." - Phil Pringle, Miracle Offering Session, Presence Conference 2011.

Last year at Pringle’s Kuala Lumpur ‘Vision 2020 C3 Church Global Conference’, Pringle had this to say about “intellectual idiots” versus the spiritually passionate.

“Think of people in your church that are on fire. Charles Finney said, “The people who are on fire in your church are the people who are reaching the world”. If your youth are on fire, you’re gonna reach youth. So that is why you should be attempting to get every group of person on fire in your church.

Now if you were to think through your people, some of the times, the people who are on fire are the least equipped to do the job. But I would say passion is the first prerequisite. The last thing I want is a well educated idiot – drip, trying to lead our people. Just because he’s got education. Or a well-versed orator or whatever. I want anointed, on-fire, people who’ve got passion in their soul and they will set your church on fire. Keeping the fire in your church is really important.”

In the above segment Pringle teaches how to get someone on “fire”. It’s not the preaching of the gospel. It’s the truth of God’s Word. It’s behavioural control.

The bible doesn’t teach this insanity. It is obvious that Pringle has abandoned the truth to stir people up and has exchanged the truth to promote lies. It seems pretty clear that Pringle wants all his pastors through out his movement to use these cult-like techniques to control people.

But what does this mean? What is this saying about those in C3 leadership? If Pringle reacts against intellectualism, then what is the implication of those in C3 leadership? Are they considered stupid because they fell for Pringle’s manipulative techniques? Are they solely there because Pringle keeps manufacturing revivals to fool them to keep going? Are they passionately pursuing the carrot Pringle is hovering over their faces? Will they ever be like Pringle?

If anything – this echoes what Chris Rosebrough is investigating at ‘Fighting For the Faith’. We invite readers to compare what Chris Rosebrough is exploring in relation to Pringle’s behaviour, teaching and methodologies above. (Please fully investigate this resource and listen to the lectures.)



Pringle made the above commentary in 2011. However, in this years 2012 Presence Conference, Pringle said something almost identical.

Let’s face it – it’s pretty dumb to say this again, considering the fact that at Presence Conference 2012 onlookers from other churches were present.

One has to ask the question: Why is Pringle all for passionate spirituality but not intellectual spirituality? Do you think Pringle appeals to peoples emotions over their intellect so he can control them for his gain?

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Because Pringle is big on ‘passionate spirituallity’, does this mean he looks forward to financially manipulating them too?

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It grieves us to see this kind of behaviour endorsed in high places. Please pray for Phil Pringle and the C3 movement. No one deserves to be treated like this. If you feel lead, please pray for change.