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We have already covered that Phil Pringle neglected to inform Christians around the world about Kong Hee’s investigations:

Empty your Bank Account | Phil Pringle’s negligence in allowing Kong Hee to fleece at Presence 2012

How Can Kong Hee Say “I Do Maintain My Integrity”(Part 3)

We now wish to inform you of a group called Pathfinders.

Pathfinders says about itself:

“Pathfinders is the marketplace ministry arm of C3 Church. Equipping our people to thrive in the marketplace is one of the core strands of the C3 Church DNA. This includes people in business, professions, government, education, the arts, sports and entertainment.

Our objectives in Pathfinders are that all of our marketplace people:

1. prosper in their career or business,
2. bring light and life to their work and business environment,
3. bring Godly wisdom and influence to change their corner of the world for God” – http://www.pathfinders.org.au/#/about-us, (Accessed 28/08/2012.)

In C3 Presence Conference this year, it is important to know that C3 targets the rich in their church and financially manipulates them to financially invest in the C3 movement. Strong words? Then you need to watch how cunning Pringle is when he chooses to target people to give money for the building fund here. This link will play this video. (Transcript below.)

Terrence [To audience]: “… But one thing we [C3] are about, (and which I’m sure you know), we’re all about the market place. Now there’s certain people in the House of God which fund the House of God because they do so well and they’re so successful in business that they have the mulah to be able to fund the Kingdom. And one of those kings we have right here is Mr Andrew Tyndale. Come and join us Andrew! How are you today?”

Emma: “We love you Andrew.”

Tyndale: “I’m sure I’m here under false pretences but that’s all right.”

Terrence: “There’s no false pretences here at all. Now Andrew, you look after and head up Pathfinders. Can you tell us a little bit about what Pathfinders is, for those who may not know.”

Tyndale: “Sure! Well Pathfinders is one of the three DNA strands that we have. So we have community partnerships- sorry. Kingdom partnerships, community heroes and the marketplace. So Pathfinders is our marketplace ministry. So that serves people in business skills. It serves them with ah, success skills and empowerment for their job, their career, their- and to make a difference in their world.”

Terrence: “Ooo we like that. So it’s building people up so they can go and make a difference in the community and also in church in their business. Yeah?

Tyndale: “Absolutely! So firstly so that they can thrive. Secondly, so that they can touch people who will never otherwise come to church. And thirdly, so that they can use their influence to change the world for the better.”

Terrence: “Ooh! We like that! So we just had a Pathfinders Conference ah- well you can say meeting just before. Can you tell those who are watching, maybe they’re watching from overseas, and would like to implement a sort of business meeting in their church; how can they get involved with a Pathfinders? Or kick off something like Pathfinders?”

Tyndale: “Well we would encourage everybody in the C3 movement to have a Pathfinders group; a Pathfinders program. And Pastor Phil in fact laid out a program where each pastor who doesn’t yet have a Pathfinders could- should start a business connect group. Start a connect group of business people and really speak into their worlds. Just as a start. And let that kick it off and roll. We have a whole series of programs we’d be very pleased to share. So anybody who’s actually out there in the world watching this, we’d be delighted to share with other churches and really roll the programs out throughout the network.” . . .

Terrence: “Fantastic. Now. I want to inspire people. Cos we normally don’t talk- I mean when we have our business- ah sorry- our building fund, we sort of talk about the numbers that people give to the church. Can you talk about some of the people that come to Pathfinders and how much they contribute to the house of God. Just to inspire people what’s possible?”

Tyndale: “I would but I’d have to kill you.”

Terrence: “Oh Lord! Don’t do that!”

Tyndale: “Look. It’s clear that the largest givers in any building program are the business people, in most cases. And they’re the people who both- both give to begin with and grow in their giving as their career prospers as a result of the giving. So it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. A self-sustaining cycle so that ah- it ultimately- then you get leaders who are drawing other peoples- ah examples for other people to draw them through. And the cycle continues. But ah- for those who are running building programs, you’re business people are the core and the key to it.”

So what’s this got to do with Kong Hee?

Here is a photo of Kong Hee with guest speaker Marcos Witt in Presence Conference 2011. It seems innocent enough.

Until the photographer takes another photo further back. This time Phil Pringle is with the other two.

What was talked about? We don’t know. Going on what Tyndale stated above, there is a good chance Kong Hee would have talked about peoples “success skills and empowerment for their job, their career… and to make a difference in their world.” If this is true then readers need to be concerned that C3 is targeting “people in business, professions, government.” Especially since The Hon. Andrew Stoner MP (Minister for Trade and Investment), is involved with C3 and their Presence Conferences.

Pringle’s behaviour from the beginning of Kong Hee’s investigations to now raises some hairy questions.

If Stoner attended the Pathfinders meeting(s), did Pringle honestly inform Stoner the current status of Kong Hee?

Because we don’t know what was said at the Pathfinders event at Presence, did Pringle state the current circumstances about Kong Hee honestly to those attending? But did Kong Hee speak at Pathfinders in Presence Conference 2010? Did Kong Hee speak at Pathfinders in Presence Conference 2012? Did Pringle honestly give people the facts then at these events if Kong Hee spoke?

Is it possible that people in the Australian government were not aware that Pringle invited a man that was under investigation by Singaporeon authorities for the possible mishandling of about fifty million dollars?