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A commentor had this to say about Pringle and his leaders,

“and they use the pulpit to defend themselves against any criticism, knowing that the families whom they have damaged have no way to bring them to account . They get rid of them out of the church if possible so that the “problem” is dealt with quietly and without too much fuss.” (Source)

Watch the clip below to see how Pringle mocks and maligns Christians who may think critically or question his church. In this clip, it is in fact Pringle that is the slanderer from behind the pulpit demonising Christians unfairly and unashamedly teaching demonic doctrines that pervert the gospel and the ministry of the local church, (thanks to Yonggi Cho).

Readers should notice that Pringle doesn’t want to hear people’s criticisms. And after Pringle’s immoral behaviour over the Warragamba Dam Prophecy propaganda, people should not fall for his church’s crafty marketing schemes. If people in his church saw instances where Pringle stoops to such manipulative conduct and think, “I’m not buying this,” Pringle would say they are in the camp of the devil.

Is this not mind control? Is this not behaviour control?

Don’t you think this what a cult would behave like?


“And listen to me! When you’re thinking about and talking about this church, you speak it up amen! Build the church! Don’t tear the thing down! That place is changing peoples lives! They are changing this community! They are touching people all around the world for goodness sake! Today it might be easy but there’s – I can guarantee you something’s going to happen in the next twelve months that will make you think ‘uuh-ahhh, I’m not buying this, uuh-ahhh’.

Resolve on the inside. You’re gonna be a builder with your mouth and not a destroyer. On the side of the throne of God is Jesus the Intercessor, praying for you and me. On the other side is the Accuser of the Brethren. Day and night. We choose which side we’re gonna be on. Every day of our life. I’m speaking up the people of God or I’m on the other side with the other guy, pulling them down.

So if you’re into the Facebook thing and you’re online right now and you’re sort of [mocks]  ‘un-yunylunylun’ – amen! I’m talking to you! Thank you Jesus! Amen?”

– Ps Phil Pringle: Fresh Start – Beginnings AM, http://www2.myc3church.net/videos/ps-phil-pringle-fresh-start-beginnings-am, C3 Church Oxford Falls, 05/02/2012.

It’s ironic that Pringle demonises Christians who actually do their best to practice biblical discernment while he peddles pagan teachings in his next breath. If you would like to see the pagan demonic or even shamanistic or occultic teachings that Pringle and Yonggi Cho peddle, read the following articles, or read D.R. McConell’s book ‘A Different Gospel’.

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