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This is the backlash Christianity gets from unbelievers when the church allows false teachers peddle false doctrine and monetary scams. Comments like this only prove that C3 does not care about upholding the true ministry and message of Christianity. Yet C3 insists they are effectively wining the City for Jesus.

From AtheistFoundation: http://www.atheistfoundation.org.au/forums/showthread.php?t=4945

“Christian City Church “Presence” conference April 2010

Hi, Firstly my names Phil and I’m a new member here. Greetings all.

I went to the above mentioned “conference” last night with some (unforunately religious) freinds and I feel so overwhelmed by the nonsense that I just have to tell someone about it.

Held in several (very large) arenas at Sydney’s (very expensive) exhibition centre, this event had it all including:

– “Miracle” healings (among others, someone with Kidney failure was supposedly healed).

– “The Offering” (basically the traditional church collection plate multiplied by about 200 but with the plates replaced with deep storage containers and the convenience of wireless credit card and eftpos facilities and forms on each seat for direct debit or cheque offerings).

– Prayer (with fancy mood lighting and humming, hypnotic style background music to get you in the spirit).

– Musical features (apparently gets you closer to god with everyone clapping and waving their arms around to “touch the lord”).

The main thing that made me feel sick was the way the “Offering” was staged. They started off with some short video clips about where “some” of the money goes. These included a mother of four who was raising a son with mental health problems who required her constant care. This son was two years older than any of her other children, so I couldn’t help wondering why she continued to have three more children?

There was also one on raising money for medical equipment for pre-mature babys.
I did ask my freinds why they didn’t just do some miracle healings as a solution to both these issues but didn’t get any straight answers.

Then when the collection “plate” for my row (there’s one per row) went past, I couldn’t help peering in and, despite having only passed five people so far, there were already three $50 notes, 1 $20 and a bunch of gold coins!

Throughout this, the pastor on stage kept saying you will feel the “power” from “giving to the lord”. Again I asked my freinds why we should give up our money whilst their pastor drove a $300,000 car and his visiting conference speakers stayed in 5 star Hotels but got the usual hollow answers.

AHHHHHHHHHH!!! I just want to scream. They had about 15,000 or more people through there. How can so many people be so stupid? I felt like I was in a mental asylum!”