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Steve Warren is the C3 pastor of C3 Church Amsterdam. After reading this script, it becomes evident that Steve Warren was either using feigned words to make merchandise of the people present (2Pet 2:3) or demonstrating complete biblical incompetence  one who is “deceiving and being deceived” (1Tim 3:13). Why?

In the below transcript, Steve Warren claims God told said, “If you can get people to take a step, I will get them their miracle.”

Would God say this? No. God Himself says the exact opposite.

“You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? Before your very eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified. I would like to learn just one thing from you: Did you receive the Spirit by observing the law, or by believing what you heard? Are you so foolish? After beginning with the Spirit, are you now trying to attain your goal by human effort? Have you suffered so much for nothing—if it really was for nothing? Does God give you his Spirit and work miracles among you because you observe the law, or because you believe what you heard?” Galatians 3:1-5

It is Satan that twists God’s Word (Genesis 3:1; Matthew 4:5). If you examine Satan’s tactics, he chooses subtlety, enticement and grandeur as his method to get people to get what he wants them to do. When tempting Jesus on the temple pinnacle Satan said,

“If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down, for it is written, “‘He will command his angels concerning you,’ and “‘On their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone.’” Matt 4:6

While Satan enticed Jesus to step off the temple so others can see how amazing His faith is, as Steve Warren says, he is enticing the Body of Jesus Christ to “step out of the boat” so others can see how amazing a person’s faith is. What is the difference between Satan’s methods and Steve Warren’s methods?

Steve Warren not only twists Gods Word – he also lies what God says. Elisha did not say to the widow, You will find your debt cancelled if you just do what the Lord God is saying to you right now”. You will not find Elisha saying this in scripture.

Below is the transcript. The sermon used to be watched here: http://www.c3churchglobal.com/video/work-your-miracle

“I just want to spend a few moments positioning ourselves for that breakthrough. It’s what we’re gonna do. We’re going to take up an offering in just a moment. And for some of you here this morning, this offering is going to be the moment that’s going to cause a breakthrough for you. This is our regular offering. You put your tithes and your offerings into this offering. But for some of you this will be a miracle offering. A miracle moment.

Do you know as I’ve prepared this morning, I’ve not been able to escape this fact, that nearly every example of breakthrough in scripture has been preceded by some level or some sort of sacrifice. The healing thing is different. I found an extraordinary grace two weeks ago as we were praying for healing.  It’s like – what ever you’ve done, whatever you’ve been through, God’s grace is there. He wants your body fixed up.

But when it comes to break through, very often there is something we have to do to position ourselves to receive the breakthrough. There are some things we have to do to work at breakthrough. So if you’re looking for sort of economic-type breakthrough this morning (Housing, finance or jobs – those sort of things), you may find this morning that God speaks to you about some sort of financial sacrifice that you’re going to have to make.

I’d love it if there was some other way to make this work. I would love it if we can lay hands on people and miracles would just drop into their lives. We will pray. At the end of the service we will pray for everybody and lay hands on them.

And I believe miracles will drop into our lives. But there is something we need to do to unlock that miracle. There is something we need to do to prepare ourselves. And here’s just one story I want to take you through very quickly this morning… [2:48]

[Starts reading out 2 Kings 4:1 Elisha and the Widow]

This was a bad day for that widow. She was in debt. She could see no way out but to sell her sons into slavery. Have you ever been in debt and see no way out?  That is exactly what it feels like. It’s slavery. If you’re in a job that you hate and it is not meeting the needs of every week; and feel trapped; feel like there’s no way out; if you get this constant sense of guilt and you don’t know why… Condemning conscience… You feel trapped and you don’t know why…

When you have this dream of your business succeeding… you get it started… Two years have gone by and this dream seems like an impossibility. All you can see is six long, long days of work every single week, working every hour possible. Still you’re earning less money then you did when you were working for someone. And yet you got a dream to franchise your business, have others working for you. It feels like you’re trapped between a dream of a future and the past you don’t want to go back to. Many of you may not be that right now you’re in a desperate situation, but still you’ve got a dream of a future that you want to see come to pass. Your current situation may be absolutely fine. But here this morning, God may just want to plan a  dream of something bigger for your life in the future. There is something bigger in my future that (wife’s name) and I want to see.

We’re gonna put it, something that’s sacrificial for us in the offering in just a moment. It’s not because of our lives or because there is anything wrong with our lives right now. But because we have a dream of something bigger that we want to see unlocked. We’re going to give an offering that’s going to cause us to have to walk on water. To- It’s a good place to be.

When Peter got out of the boat he didn’t know the water was going to hold him up. That was no guarantee. He stepped out on one word. Elisha had a word for this widow. He says to her later in this passage, “You will find your debt cancelled if you just do what the Lord God is saying to you right now”.

[Continues reading out 2 Kings 4:1 Elisha and the Widow]

What is your jar of oil here this morning? What is it you’ve got in your hand that’s a lease within the realm of your control that you can do to unlock something from heaven into your life?

[Keeps reading from scripture] “Then he said, “Go borrow vessels from everywhere, from all your neighbours, empty vessels. Do not gather just a few”.”

You need oil? I’m going to need bigger vessels. She had enough oil for the vessel she had. But it wasn’t enough oil to meet the needs of her life. So Elisha goes. It’s not really the oil that is the problem, it’s the vessels that are a problem. Do you know what he says? “Go borrow some. You may not have the capacity in your own mind that seems big enough to contain all that God has for you.”

If you’re sitting here this morning, go “I’ve only got enough faith to keep on going, (undecipherable). That’s why we come to church on a Sunday morning: we borrow one another’s faith. We borrow bigger vessels.

My thinking is so big that when I stand in front of you guys my vision expands. My thinking increases. My capacity grows to contain more. When you sit here week in, week out, it’s okay to absorb, to catch, to borrow the increase capacity of those around you. Or the power of the combined force of a standing shoulder to shoulder. Think bigger when you’re in this atmosphere. You’ve got the oi, but you need the vessel. What am I going to pour it into? He borrows the vessels…

And he says, “And when you have come in you shall shut the door behind you and your sons. Then pour it into all these vessels and set aside the full ones. So she went from him and shut the door behind her and her sons, who bought the vessels to her and she poured it out”.

This miracle happened in private. Not even Elisha was in the room. It says she shut the door on him and went into that room with her two sons. It doesn’t matter how much I prayed for you this week. It doesn’t matter how many times we lay our hands on you this morning. It still comes down to the steps you take – here today!

Only you can unlock the miracle in your life. Only you in your private worlds can take the steps necessary for God to create the breakthrough. If you’re having financial troubles and you’re not tithing, I can’t solve that for you. It doesn’t matter how much I pray for you, you’re not going to get your breakthrough. Only you can make that decision privately.

I need to follow the steps the bible tells me to take to live in the goodness of God. I can’t do that for you. I can lend you some faith, you can borrow one of my vessels, you can borrow somebody else’s vessel, but ultimately you’re in a room on your own having to work your miracle, and that’s the sort of church I want: big people! Big enough to work our own solutions- come into the house and we find strength with one another and catch the word of god and go, “I can make this happen. I can do something about this. I can unlock a miracle. I can make life work for me.” You can work your miracle here this morning.

You can take a step and change your life. So she goes into the room… And it says… Somewhere here… I keep losing my place. I’m just so like- I’m ready to lay hands on you all. That’s what it is…

“So she went from him and shut the door…” That’s it! “And she POURED IT OUT!” That’s what she did with the oil! She TOOK the jar, and she BEGAN TO POUR IT OUT! I was trying to miss that bit ‘cos this is the painful bit. She TOOK THE VERY THING THAT SHE NEEDED and she BEGAN TO POUR IT OUT! She thought, “This won’t take very long. There’s not much in that jar”. Then she began to pour, the oil didn’t stop. She expected the jar looking for the magic somewhere, tapping the bottom. Yet it’s solid jar! Where is it coming from? It just kept pouring! She dared not stop!

She was tempted to look in the jar to try work out where this thing’s coming from. To see whether the oil was glowing or some other magic thing was happening. But she dared not stop! She’s gotta keep pouring- something going on here!

When you begin to fill your breakthrough, don’t. stop. pouring! When you feel something go off in your spirit, DON’T STOP AT THAT POINT! When you feel like your giving is starting to cause a breakthrough, DON’T STOP GIVING! When you find yourself in debt, DON’T STOP TITHING!

At that very point, God just might be bringing your breakthrough, DON’T PULL BACK! When you feel victory coming in your spirit, don’t go “OOOOOHH!!! I’m afraid what my life might BE if I’m set free.”

I have seen people trip up over success as much as I have failure. Seems like us guys are wired this way. We seem to be performance driven. And it seems like just at that moment we’re tasting success we trip ourselves up. We’re scared what that success might feel like. You tast victory! You’re tasting that moment of freedom. And you’re tempted to pull back going, “I don’t know this life! This is a new me!”

This is a brand new life. Keep warring at the moment and don’t give up! Keep pushing! Whatever you do, don’t go, “Oh! What are people going to think of me if I become this new person?”

I use to be quiet… diplomatic… I used to make sure there was peace amongst everyone I was with and life was okay. I felt constrained. I felt like wasn’t really me. But life was sort of okay. If I step out and be a new me- start being a confident new me- what are people going to think of me? You begin to pull back. Don’t pull back! KEEP POURING!

At the moment your miracle begins to happen, she moves it from one vessel. She sees it’s starting to overflow. She puts it to the next one. The next one begins to fill. That fills up- and the next one… And the next one… This thing keeps POURING! She doesn’t know what to do with herself.

She’s beginning to get pretty excited! Her sons are getting happy! They don’t know what’s going on! They’re sticking their hands in the pots feeling this oil thinking it’s some magic fluid.

She keeps pouring. She gets to the last vessel. The oil rises and she’s beginning to think ‘What am I going to do now? This can be one very messy house if this thing doesn’t stop pouring. Then just as it gets to the brim- the top, the oil stops.

God will keep on pouring for as long as your capacity is there to handle what He is pouring into your life. You can dream as big as you like this morning! That’s what I am trying to say to you. YOU CAN DREAM- as big as you like, cos God desires to prosper his children. Psalm… 37 or somewhere. He delights in the prosperity of His children. It’s what the bible says.

I want you this morning to feel like the oil of the Holy Ghost is getting on your world. But it’s going to take a step. And only you can decide what that step is.

Sacrificial offering.

Once you’ve given that, you may still need tomorrow to get on the phones of companies that you think, your sort of job might be in. Something like 60% of jobs go before they’re advertised. Last week I said 80%. But I got my facts right during the week. 67% of statistics are made up on the spot, just like that one.

It does require us to do something. You may not be able to buy that house right now. Start looking! It’s a lot of fun, visiting properties you might like to buy to keep the dream alive. Start pushing doors. Sometimes I get people coming to me going, “Steve, I’ve seen this job or I’ve been offered this job. Is it the sort of thing I should take?” I am not the best person to ask. Cos the sort of person I am, that I’ve always been is, I push on absolutely every single door I can possibly imagine. And if it opens, I am walking through. It’s way easier that way.

It’s got a bright potential future and I’m into it. You may need to start pushing doors this week. You may have started a dream of that you not just get out of debt, but you’re able to invest. Open a savings account tomorrow and put one euro in it. It may stay as one euro for the next six months whilst you try to get yourself out of debt, but you would have started to activate something in the possibility of your thinking. You would’ve begun to unlock something in your ‘possibility thinking’. You hear me this morning? Is this making sense?

Elijah meets another widow. This widow, she has a bit of flour as well as the oil. She was doing a little better than this one. Elijah comes to her and says, “Hey, can you make me a cake with that flour and that oil?”. Actually what he says is, “Can I have some water?”.

Don’t you like God the way he sort’ve eases you in gently. He firsts ask for something she knows she can give him. But then he asks her to give him the rest. The truth is it was ‘in the rest’ the miracle came. You will find that your container of flour will not run dry if you make the sacrifice of giving away what you’ve got.

Right after that, her son dies. Elijah prays for her son and her son rises from the dead. You may sow flour this morning but you may reap a resurrection. Your need may not be an economic need. You may have some other needs. But still, something in this offering may be the sort of action that will unlock something of the answer in your life.

I wish it was some other way. But I haven’t discovered it yet. Action is always attached to your breakthrough. So I want us to give some thought to this right now. There are offering cards in your seat. I would only do this on a morning like this, but if you need a- if you don’t have the money on you right now and you want to make an IOU that you know that you can fulfill, you can write that on the card too.

But I want you to believe this morning; as you step out on water, as you give the flour or the oil or you go fishing like Peter, (you walking around the walls of Jericho going, “I am right out here right now. This looks crazy”), I know you’re miracle is going to happen.

God said these words to me this week:

“Steve. If you can get people to take a step, I will get them their miracle.”

Simple sort of process. Not a complicated equation other than a cost to someone. Just step into that zone. And do you know the interesting thing about the widow with the flour, is God said to Elijah, “Go to this widow and she will provide food for you. And I have already told her so.”

We usually read that story as is Elijah was being tough on her. But actually God had already spoken to her. You will know this morning. You will get a sense in your spirit about the sort of step God wants you to take. I’m not here saying you gotta do some sort of action. But I am here to present a challenge: what are you going to do to step out of the boat? How far do you need to go til you hit that measure of peace where God has spoken to me, about what I need to do to create a breakthrough in my world?

So why don’t we just prepare our offering right now?

As soon as we’ve done that, I’m gonna just ask you to come forward. If you’ve got something very specific in mind that you want a breakthrough for here today… We’re going to pray over people.

This stuff is impartational. I may not be able to give you your miracle, but I know when I went down to Presence in Sydney this year, I was telling Pastor Phil some of the things we’ve been seeing happening. And he said, “That got on you when you were in Sydney – it’s transferable”. No one laid hands on me. I had four days (raise hands near his shoulders), in a miracle (does magic fingers) environment. And ever since then I felt like miracles have been (clicks fingers twice) easy. It’s just… There’s miracles hanging in the air at church right now, ready to happen. All we have to do is set in our hearts a decision to engage with that. Amen?

If you need to talk to your husband or wife, that would be a very good idea. If you’re married that is. If you’re not married and you want to be married, just imagine yourself talking to your husband or wife. Activate the spirit of faith. I have known people who have found their marriage partner’s as they’ve given in to some sort of offering.

But Tim Lowe was here with Pastor Phil who gave a story like that. People who have got pregnant who couldn’t get pregnant after giving an offering like this: you may be sowing flour but you may get your resurrection. Amen! Why don’t we take a hold of our offering right now.

Father I pray that you’re anointing right now would fall on our lives, fall on these offerings, incredible miracles will break out of this safe place… I pray for every decision that people have made this morning as I’ve been speaking, things they’ve decided to do to step out. God I pray your hand of the breakthrough will be on those steps of action as they apply for jobs for buying houses. Put things into order to try to get out of debt. Take steps for maybe an emotional or psychological breakthrough. God I pray your hand right now on each one of those steps. Spirit of authority, power… Spirit of God, rest on us right now, in Jesus mighty name… Amen…

Guys, let’s just stay in this atmosphere right now as – If I can ask the host to take up that offering. Let’s just stay in that atmosphere…

There is some incredible things going on as we do this.

Don’t underestimate the power of what you’re feeling in the presence of god right now.

Friday, I went online to listen to the service two weeks ago. And I tell you, I felt the presence of God – such a strong service. And sitting in my office, I felt it. There have been moments in my life, when I’ve needed a break through, I’ve gone over and over – messages like this. If you download the podcast or get the video or whatever other format this service is out there on, you can continue to get this in your spirit. Believe it every week: My miracle is coming my way.

So if you – if you got something specific you want prayer for, just gonna ask you to come forward right now. [People start getting up] I don’t care if it’s everybody. [Undecipherable] and I are going to pray right now… Any sort of break-through you need… The very least, (if you put something pretty sacrificial in that offering), I certainly want to pray for you.

[Many people now assembled at front]

Some of you today, God has got your future married partner in mind. I get a strong sense some of you are going to find such a personal victory. You were bound by something that is you just need to be free from. I know some of you… Some of you are going to get ridiculously successful… in work.

Start reading the right material to preparing your heart. Don’t ever get glamourised by money. The love of money is the root of all evil. But if you can learn to handle big money, it would be one of the greatest tools to helping build the kingdom of God. Why don’t you reach out to Him right now?

Church, why don’t you begin to pray? Pray for this people here this morning. Amen. I want everybody engaged right now. I want the power of God to fall here this morning. So everybody in this church right now begin to lift up their voices and to call on God. In Jesus name amen… [Starts laying hand on people and praying/blessing them.]

Just ah… gonna pray for you in just a moment. I’ve also got another meeting so I wanna close this one.

Before I pray for these guys here, you may be sitting here this morning. And you may have never have asked Jesus Christ into your life. In just a moment I want to give you a chance to do just that, if you have never asked Jesus into your heart. Who says that, I ask that every eye be closed right now. If you’re here this morning and you’re going, ‘Oh! I’ve never taken that step!’ I want to help you take that step right now.

So if that’s you, can you raise your hand? [Hands raise and he calls out ‘Thankyou! I see that hand!’]

You may actually come to church but you’re just not sure you’re going to heaven- just want to be sure that you’re going to heaven. If that’s you today, why don’t you just raise your hand to [inaudible], ‘I really want to be sure that I’m going to heaven’. Or maybe that you’ve asked Jesus into your life but things with Him haven’t been good recently- gone away from God – you know you need to re-connect with Him today; you need to get your heart right with Him. If that’s you, why don’t you also just raise your hand? Wherever you are, put it in the air and back down again. That’s awesome. Thank you. Who else is there? You know you need to get their heart right with Him. I feel there’s two to three other people today. I’ll give you a chance just to get those things right with Him. Who else is their today? You need to take that step… That’s awesome. Church why don’t we pray together right now…”

[Prays with church, thanks Jesus and everyone applauds with him]

(Source – Accessed 07/09/2012.)