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Edit: (01/102012.) We have removed incorrect information thanks to a C3 member emailing us corrections. Thanks for the correction and clarity.

From: http://stevebullengapropertyleasing.blogspot.com.au/2010/08/did-you-get-taken-by-georgia-property.html, (Accessed 25/09/2012.)

Did you get taken by Georgia Property Leasing, Steve Bullen?

I just found out that Steve Bullen has left the US today, 8/24/2010, headed to Australia, his home country, not honoring his debts.  He owes money to me and supposedly to many others.  If you are one of the people scammed by Steve Bullen please let me hear from you.” – Posted by Georgia Property Leasing LLC Leaves the Country, http://stevebullengapropertyleasing.blogspot.com.au/2010/08/did-you-get-taken-by-georgia-property.html, 24/08/2010.

A commentor ‘Erin’ said:

“My husband and I have been renting from this guy for 2 years; our rent check hasn’t posted so we called the maintanence office repeatedly and can’t get a hold of anyone. Now we don’t know where our account stands or who we have an agreement with.” – Erin, http://stevebullengapropertyleasing.blogspot.com/2010/08/did-you-get-taken-by-georgia-property.html?showComment=1284037628284#c1600762217867100832, 09/09/2010.

Another commentor ‘QueenCityNole’ said:

My husband and I rented through GPL for 2 years, without any problems. We moved to a new county, where GPL did not represent any properties, in August. After not hearing anything about our deposit, for a little over a month, I was able to find out, just last week, that Steve had gone bankrupt and left the country. No notice, of course. 

I never pegged Steve for this kind of guy, I mean, wasn’t he a minister or something, with that C3 church? I imagine there’s not much recourse since he has left the country. After having lived in the US for so long, I feel that his return to Australia was solely to avoid prosecution. That is such a cowardly thing to do.” – QueenCityNole, http://stevebullengapropertyleasing.blogspot.com/2010/08/did-you-get-taken-by-georgia-property.html?showComment=1284879758765#c3268001576298684617, 19/09/2010.

‘John’ writes:

They managed one property for me for just over two years. Out of the blue, at the end of August, I received a letter they were no longer operating as my property manager and that the company had been liquidated. They did not return the deposit money to the tenant either nor did I receive September’s rent. It certainly is a bad situation and if he indeed left the county, that makes it even more difficult. If we could some how get all the property owners that had agreements with him together to make a claim, it might be better. (more power in numbers). I’ve been checking the web periodically to see if anyone else has posted anything and this is the first I’ve seen.” – John, http://stevebullengapropertyleasing.blogspot.com/2010/08/did-you-get-taken-by-georgia-property.html?showComment=1289872930179#c4309643324575179156, 15/11/2010.