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The scriptures say that such men are “evil men and impostors” who “will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived”. (2 Timothy 3:13) Pringle says that he doesn’t preach a prosperity gospel.

Pringle Denies Preaching The Prosperity Gospel

Below is an excerpt from the above article.

“And the deal – some people accuse that – just what I said then, saying, ‘Oah! That’s prosperity gospel’ or whetever. I’ve never preached a gospel other than about Jesus my whole life. That’s the gospel: Jesus Christ. Beginning and end. You know I got no other message then that one.” – Phil Pringle, Steven Furtick ‘Stay Behind The Guide’, http://www2.myc3church.net/videos/steven-furtick-%E2%80%98stay-behind-guide, C3 Church Oxford Falls, 15/04/2012.

We have covered in the past that Pringle teaches that Jesus died to make believers materially rich. We also know that the faith he preaches is more occult-centered” than Christian centered. Once again, the evidence seems to point out that he DOES preach the false prosperity gospel and that he doesn’t preach the gospel of Christ and Christ crucified.

From City News.

Phil Pringle in the House

Posted on 14 September 2009


Founder and President of renowned C3 International ministries, Phil Pringle, was in town during the weekend of 29-30 August 2009 to speak at City Harvest Church’s (CHC) English Services.

Phil Pringle, 57, visits the church in Singapore at least twice a year and has never failed to bring fresh messages to the 27,000-member strong church. “(Pastor Phil) never fails to bring a new Word and perspective of God to bless the congregation here at CHC,” says Benny Lin, 24, a facilities officer for CHC. “I look forward to his messages on faith and prosperity and I certainly experience personal breakthrough in my own life when I apply the principles of these messages.”

“God wants to bring freedom and victory to believers,” said Pringle on 29 August 2009, the evening service at the Singapore Expo. His sermon spoke largely of God having a purposeful plan for Christians and how their lives should not be one of fear and destruction.

Pringle added to his point by saying that, “God thinks of many things; but one of the greatest things that He thinks about is His people,” in other words; God will always have a wonderful plan for everyone’s life simply because He loves His people.

Phil Pringle in the House

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Ang Mei Mei, 22, a recent graduate of this year’s City Harvest Bible Training Center (CHBTC) recalls that services with Pringle have always been characterized by a strong “presence of God and His love” felt by the students in CHBTC. “Not only do I come away from the meetings with a new

Phil Pringle in the Houserevelation of God’s character, I also feel a renewed and stronger love for Him.”

The next visit to CHC for Pringle would be for the upcoming Asia Conference 2010, a bi-annual conference organized by CHC.

Source: http://www.citynews.sg/2009/09/phil-pringle-in-the-house/