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Here is C3’s Constitution Document. You can download the pdf version here:

C3 Constitution Documentation

You can read the content of the C3 Constitution below. We will be using this document for future articles at C3CW.


Christian City Church International


Purposes, Goals and Objectives

1. To promote a network of relationships, to give support, encouragement and instruction to pastors and their churches.

2. To build, increase, expand and grow the Church of Jesus Christ through the evangelization and discipleship of all residents of the nations in which we are present – in harmony with Matt 16:18, and obedience to Matt 19;20.

3. To develop and deploy ministries.

4. To promote the Kingdom of God in its fullness and encourage its expansion through the birthing, planting and maintaining of churches structured after New Testament principles.

5. To provide fellowship and pastoral care for Christians in our churches.

6. To promot the Christian faith according to New Testament parameters throughout the world by the preaching of God’s Word through all means possible.

7. To provide order, discipline and requirements as such that keep our Christians from immorality, ungodliness, deceptions and any other practices threatening to bring dishonour to the Lord, His church or His ministers.

8. To obtain properties, equipment, machinery, and chattel to aid the fulfillment of all the above.

9. To solicit funds to aid the fulfillment of all the above.

10. To maintain a good reputation and continuing fellowship with the Body of Christ at large.

11. To understand and regularly re-evaluate our “particular” calling (prophetic voice) and to be faithful in conducting our ministries to include such. This will also embrace the unchanging principle of our churches speaking a coherent message to the world and the church and to execute New Testament principles in a culturally relevant manner suitable to the context of our calling. Thus, there is no particular “style” of Christian City Church except that of Godly principles and character. The style of our presentation will necessarily be different according to our local environment.

12. To conduct our lives and ministries so that we are fruitful.

13. To promote the glory of God and the exaltation of Jesus Christ.


CCCI is a fellowship of ministers and churches in Jesus Christ.

Privileges of Membership

Membership in this fellowship and permission to use the name Christian City Church is dependent on the observance of the following requirements.

Government of the Fellowship

The fellowship known as CCCI shall be governed by a Board including the Chairman (Phil Pringle so long as he continues as the Senior Minister of a Christian City Church), and not less than five other members of the fellowship. Each member of the Board, with the exception of the Chairman, may serve on the board for a period of no longer than 5 years of continual service after which a minimum of one year’s absence from the Board must occur before he/she can be invited back onto the Board. Members of the Board are to retire in rotation to enable continuity of the membership of the Board.

Membership of the Board is by invitation of existing members of the Board, however, all the Senior Ministers of the fellowship will be advised of a proposed appointment being made. Any board member must be a senior minister, or of the opinion of the board, a person of equal skill and experience. The existing Board shall select the Board in conference with these comments.

The Life of Certified Ministers of the Fellowship

It is expected that members of the fellowship observe the following requirements.

1. Devotion to the Word of God and Prayer

Devotion must be measurable. This means no less than seven hours per week are spent in prayer and the Word in persona devotion.

2. Observance in Conduct of the New Testament Requirements for Ministers

(1 Tim 3:1-10 & 6:11-15; Titus 1:5-9)

3. Commitment to the Chain of Command in the Fellowship

This means in general obedience and accountability to those above you.

a) Obedience relates to counsel, advice and commands given. This also relates to agreement to terms of discipline arrived at by the CCCI Board in the case of any moral lapse or failure that requires disciplining.

b) Accountability relates to an “open book” policy regarding finances, board meetings, church policy, church leadership, personal and private lifestyle.

c) Payment of a two and a half percent levy to the movement, Christian City Church International, based on non-designated income.

In the excercise of their leadership role within their churches, members of the fellowship are required to observe the following procedures:

Th Rules of Fellowship?


Membership in this fellowship is dependent upon your agreement to observe and carry out the following requirements. You are to understand they are not optional but mandatory. You are to understand that if found by the Board of CCCI to be delinquent in any of these areas and fail to conform to the disciplinary requirements of the Board, you will ultimately forfeit the right to continue to use the name Christian City Church and will cease to be a member of the fellowship.

1) You shall observe one service a week as a general rule, in which communion, giving for the support of the ministry, preaching the Word, and worship are all to be practised. You shall seek to grow as a church, to expand the Kingdom of God, to bear fruit such as good conduct, good character, converts, new ministers, and new churches.

2) You shall have at least one regular, weekly prayer meeting open to the church.

3) You shall engage in some form of regular outreach to the lost.

4) You shall allow and encourage the operations of the ministries and gifts of the Holy Spirit in your services.

5) You shall pastor your people as befitting a faithful minister of Christ in as much as you shall keep membership records which must be updated at least quarterly. You must know who is in your church. Provide means by which people can join your church. Maintain regular pasotral contact with those registered as members of your church. Make contact with those leaving your church.

6) You shall observe all normal business practices in running a non-profit, charitable organisation.

7) You shall have a board of directors of not less than three people. Of the first year of a churches operation, where people may not be proven, a board from within may not be viable. External board members from other CCC churches are acceptable.

8) You shall have at least two signatories to all bank accounts. These signatories are not to be related by birth or marriage.

9) You shall not borrow any monies beyond what you can secure.

10) You shall not secure any borrowings against houses or assets of any kind owned by members, individual or corporate, in your own or someone else’s congregation. If you do borrow money it must be proven that you can make the repayments.

11) You shall use money given for only the purpose it is given or solicited. You shall not use it for any other purpose.

12) Monies received for services rendered eg. weddings, must be declared as taxable income. If he/she receives any substantial gift from a member, he/she must inform their local Church Board.

13) You shall make yourself aware of the requirements of the Corporate Affairs Commission, the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages (or the equivalent law/body in each nation) and the responsibilities of Directors, and behave in the required manner.

14) You shall give enough attention to your own family so that it remains intact and healthy.

15) You shall take enough rest to ensure your mental, emotional and physical health remain strong.

16) – You shall not use or allow the pulpit to be used to:

a) promote commercial ventures
b) promote political beliefs
c) do anything of a lewd, corrupt or heretical nature
d) to vent personal needs, injustices, angers or business ventures.

17) The Senior Minister shall attend at least the major annual conference (that being either National or State), and where possible, seminars and training required by the CCCI fellowship.

18) You shall not engage in or encourage communications which slander other members of this movement or the Body of Christ. Your commitment to the leadership of CCCI is to be manifested in the active discouragement of criticism and slander of such. You shall not be a divisive not be a divisive influence in this fellowship.

19) You shall not indulge in excesses or improper habits unbecoming as an example to God’s flock of how to live the Christian life.”

20) Any other developments besides the maintenance of a normal Church life routine shall be presented to the Pastor’s Overseer for discussion, outlining necessary details (eg. addition of a bible college, youth refuge, Christian school). Details of personnel, funding, facilities and feasibility must be supplied. The Pastor’s Overseer must be notified of the purchase or long term lease of commercial property.

Non-profit clause:

The assets and income of CCCI shall be applied solely in furtherance of its abovementioned objects and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the members of the organisation except as bona fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of CCCI.

Dissolution clause:

In the event of CCCI being dissolved, the amount which remains after such dissolution and the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be transferred to an organisation which has similar objectives and which, itself, is exempt from income tax.


a) Senior Minister – for the purpose of this document the term Senior Minister refers to that person who is recognised as the leader/overseer of the Church. It may also include someone of the status of a Senior Minister who is an active associate minister in the Church, but not the leader/overseer of the Church.

b) Heretical – in paragraph 16, shall be interpreted with reference to the “Apostolic and Nicene Creeds”.

c) Member of Fellowship – A minister of and/or a church having received certification from the CCCI Board.

I, Pastor ………………………………. have read, understood and accept the conditions contained within the Christian City Church International Constitution (the “Constitution”).







We the Church Board have read, understood and agree to uphold the standards required in the Constitution.



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Please complete this page and return it (this page only) to the CCCI office.