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Hillsong-C3-CreationWe have been covering the history of Pat Mesiti’s rise and fall at http://www.hillsongchurchwatch.wordpress.com. To understand what is happening in the below transcript, it is important to read our articles on him here:

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As you see, it is has been documented that Amway-speaking Pat Mesiti “was re-instated as a preacher on Sunday 19 February 2006 and serves God with a new awareness and humility”. In the below transcript, it is revealed that Brian Houston and Phil Pringle “are good friends” and that Phil Pringle has known Mesiti “forever”.

Was Mesiti’s Christian character restored? Hillsong and C3 seem to think so. Mesiti said that when he came out of this restoration process he believed, “in the message of prosperity more now than I ever did”. We shall look more into this “message of prosperity” that Mesiti got from this process from both Hillsong and C3.

Below is a transcript of Pat Mesiti’s restoration.

Pat Mesiti’s restoration

Monday 04 September, 2006 – 16:55 by Hill$ong Squad in Default

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Christian City Church, Oxford Falls
6pm service, Sunday February 19, 2006

(Phil Pringle) “I know a lot of you were not in this morning’s service…and I need your attention ….I need your full attention people…I need you to be looking this way ..and listening….thank you very much.

Because this morning I made an announcement …and in last night’s service..that I need to make again and .. it’s a great announcement …a very joyful announcement.

About four-and-a-half years ago …there was an evangelist in this country by the name of Pat Mesiti.

Most of you I think will know of him.. some of you may not.

He had a television program and was regularly conducting crusades … where through..500/1500 people would come to Christ.

He was an initiator of many great youth programs, including Youth Alive here in New South Wales… and accomplished a huge number of things for the nation ..in the realm of evangelism and.. touching people’s lives with the gospel.

However, four-and-a-half years ago, Pat had a terrible, terrible tumble….a moral collapse which resulted in his marriage breaking ..and ..was a sad moment.

He was taken out of ministry…and ..stepped down.

He was an ordained minister in the Assemblies of God ..and after attempting to retrace..recover ..and after a year…it seemed it wasn’t going quite how it was anticipated.

So Brian Houston and myself..who are good friends ….I said….look…I’ll put my hand up…I’d like to ..help…and I’ve known Pat ..forever and he’s good friends with a lot of the people on this staff …and has been…..and I thought this’d be great if he came..and was in our church…and we would seek to see him standing on his feet again.

A number of years ago…I said to the Lord….’I’m so busy being a pastor….I don’t feel like I’m being a Christian.’

And…that just meant I was so busy leading and preaching ..doing all the stuff I wanted… I felt like…going and handing out pizzas to the homeless in Hyde Park ..or visiting people in old folks’ homes or reading books…or people in prison.

I’ve done all that..and used to teach in a school for handicapped children ….and …I go and visit prisons …just tell them to send up a prisoner if they didn’t have a visitor ..and I’d be there….and they didn’t know me…so.. when you get to be a pastor…you get a lot of other things going on ..

But He said to me …’no you’ve got a church full of people who can do that’……so I pray you do it man…

And He said….’no..no..no..what I want you to do is reach out to people that other people can’t reach out to..and that’s pastors …who are having troubled times…

And so…I try to do that…and there’s a few …who…I have no judgements on men and women who’ve found their life in trouble ….

Who knows what pressures they’re facing and what things they’ve gone through …but I do know they need to be recovered and restored.

And there is a pathway for that…repentence …restoration…restitution ..and making things right.

So Pat came….and I said to him…’Pat ..I want you to do several things…..one….turn up to church..’

And even with the shame and the awkwardness and the emotional difficulty of all that …I said ..’that’s what you’ve gotta do’.

Because the church is the best place you can be…rather than a counselling room ….just being in the worship…being in the local church …being involved in some ministry …of serving in the House.. all of those things are the best healing processes you will ever find yourself engaged in….because you’re forced to modify your behaviour and get things right and overcome …and all kinds of things….and relate to people…

And then just the Spirit of God working amongst us..

I believe in the power of the local church …it is the most powerful thing on Earth …to actually affect all sorts of things in people’s lives.

So Pat did that..and one year after his marriage had broke…he met a lady called Andrea ..and I was happy to participate in their marriage …three….two-and-a-half years ago …two years ago? Two years ago ….and that was a really joyful occasion.

And Pat and Andrea served in the visitors’ lounge …helping us there …and have continued to be involved… in our church over that time.

And he’s been relating to Greg French….Simon McIntyre ..Mark Kelsey and myself …over that period of time.

We’ve had times where we’ve needed to say things…or help him understand things..or whatever ..and Pat has been exemplary in all his ways of handling it.

I have tried this with a number of ministers and leaders over the years ..and I’ve got to say not without a lot of success.

It’s been unfortunate..because people find it difficult ..find it tough to recover…old steps.

But Pat has really displayed a repentent attitude ..and a commitment to a pathway ..that will bring him fully back into that way…

And the ministry team…we’ve all talked to each other…..and quite satisfied that he has fulfilled all those obligations.

The Assemblies of God asked him to do three years of restoration……it’s actually been four-and-a-half years now…that he has been out of ministry…and …as I said…we are happy that…

….So in the 10 o’clock service this morning… we laid hands on Pat and Andrea…and restored them to the ministry that God has called them to…(applause)..

In those services……well..actually…only in the 10 o’clock service….I asked Pat just to share something briefly..and he did… and so…I said…I want you to share in that service just briefly…..but what I really want you to do is preach in our church on Sunday night….

So…I want you to welcome Pat Mesiti as he comes…” (applause/cheering/Mesiti hugs Pringle)

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