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Author John Barclay records the history of the C3 Movement from it’s early beginnings in his book “Arise” (endorsed by Phil Pringle).

Chapter 12 is titled ‘Counselling’. On page 115, Barclay writes about the testimony of someone called Peter McHugh between 1982-3. Barclay wrote, “He [Peter] and Mark Kelsey had studied together at Univesity” (pg. 115).

Barclay records Peter McHugh getting saved and explores the process how his wife got ‘saved’. John Barclay writes,

“He got a letter away as soon as possible to Lyn, and when the reply came back it was to tell him very simply she never wanted to see him again. That of course took no account of a number of factors which had since come into operation, factors which Lyn then could never understand.

The excercising of faith by a very determined man of God can work miracles, and Peter began the positive confession of the restoration of their marriage. In the week prior to Lyn’s return to Australia he spoke constantly aloud to affirm that she would be saved. He said it over and over, out loud, speaking his faith in thanks to God, and both Mark [Kelsey] and Phil [Pringle] agreed with him.

His own conversion had been so total and so swift that now there was no room for either doubt or failure. No possibility of it. He gave it no thought, but spoke out success.

‘Life and death’ we are told, ‘are in the power of the tongue’, and Peter now used that power to inject life into a once dead marriage.”

(Source: John Barclay, Arise, 12 Counselling, Covenant Publishing, 1987, pg. 116-117.)

Above, John Barclay recorded McHugh, Pringle and Kelsey practicing the Word of Faith Heresy. We have to stress this again: Phil Pringle endorsed and allowed John Barclay to record these events. Phil Pringle exposed Mark Kelsey and himself practicing the Word of Faith heresy.

If you read our older articles, readers will be shocked to see the Word of Faith’s connections to New Age and Occult practices.