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Teaching “Visualization-To-Abundant Realization” Methods Aint Christian

A quick search on “Visualization-To-Abundant” in Google produces information on the following.

The title for this youtube video is “Secret Tool of Visualization to Manifest Abundance in all areas of your Life” with the following blurb:

“Secret Tool of Visualization to Manifest Abundance in all areas of your Life- Apply this Secret tool of Visualization to Attract ABUNDANCE IN YOUR LIFE , Manifesting with Ease and Joy : Money – Happy Relationships- Success – Achievement -My first Best-Selling Book – Beautiful Cars- Dream homes – Supportive Friends – Loving Partner – Vibrant Health – Wisdom – Happiness – Love – Gratitude Satisfaction – Easy Fun Travel – Giving and Receiving – Sharing – Consciousness – Much More – What Else is Possible?” – EduaPotor, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSy9pQE639U, 01/08/2009. (Accessed 25/01/2013.)

You will also come across New Age, occult or scam websites saying things like, “Blending the practical with the magical“, “visualize the abundance you so desire“,  or “if we regularly visualize our desires, send positive messages (affirmations) about our desires to our sub conscious mind and have faith that our desires are acheivable and then persevere – our desires will materialise“. You should also come across websites that promote the secret laws of attraction. Simply by doing a Google search, alarm bells should be going off when these sites pop up. Why is a Christian pastor teaching things that are connected to demonic teachings?

We’ve already discovered how Pringle’s faith is not founded on Christianity at all but on New Age, New Thought and occultic sources. This should concern any genuine Christian who attends the C3 Movement.

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‘The Secret’ to Phil Pringle’s Doctrine of ‘Hope’

While we have examined Pringle’s doctrine on faith, his doctrine on ‘hope’ is no different. In his latest book ‘Hope’ (endorsed by Yonngi Cho and Kong Hee), Pringle teaches readers how to practice the New Age technique of visualisation… through goats.

Yes, from goats. You’ve got to read it to believe it.

Pringle writes,

“Jacob’s Spotted and Speckled Sheep

In Ephesians 3:20, Paul says, “God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think.” The Greek word for “think” here is no’eo, which literally means “to conceive and perceive.” So, once we are visualizing something, God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above it. An example of this “visualization-to-abundant realization” is exemplified in the spotted and speckled sheep of Jacob.”

(Phil Pringle, Hope, South Australia: Hyde Park Press,2011, pg. 40.)

Pringle decides to write a personalised narrative of the Genesis story of Jacob and Laban’s goat/sheep deal. Pringle narrates the following:

“In the heat of the next morning, he calls the great flock of Laban to the watering troughs. However, the goats and sheep arrive to a different scene than ever before. A spotted and speckled wall rises before them just behind the troughs. The larger, healthier, stronger sheep jostle easily to the front. The rams rise on the ewes as they drink, all of them mating with a full vision of spots and speckles before them. When the small and weak finally have their chance at the water, Jacob removes the wall. Every day, morning and night, he follows the same clever procedure.”

(Phil Pringle, Hope, South Australia: Hyde Park Press,2011, pg. 41-42.)

Pringle’s conclusion?

“But Jacob knew that his God had given him hope through a dream, a strategy-and all of it by the power of vision. As Jacob saw the spotted and speckled sheep, and as the sheep themselves saw spots and speckles, their vision had become a reality.

What we see is what we get. What fills our imagination is what will fill our lives. This is the power of hope!”

(Phil Pringle, Hope, South Australia: Hyde Park Press,2011, pg. 42.)

After reading what Pringle had to say on visualisation, do you honestly think Genesis 30-31 is trying to teach Christians how to visualise abundance like Laban’s goats supposedly did? Don’t you think it’s odd that Pringle doesn’t actually quote the biblical story?