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C3 Asheville Scandal – C3 Pastor Facing Prison (Part 1)

C3 Asheville Scandal – C3 Pastor “Pleads Guilty In Bank Fraud Case” (Part 2)


Jesus said,

“Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy…” Luke 12:1

Jesus often labeled the Pharisees of his days as false teachers and false prophets. He also called them hypocrites. In the greek, a hypocrite was someone who was an actor. What we’ve seen in the C3 Asheville scandal is show after show, starring the US C3 Leadership.

From what we know, Nick Dimitris is still the current Pastor at C3 Asheville. A few months ago, Nick Dimitris retweeted ‘C3 Church Asheville’:

“Everywoman event at C3 Church Asheville 7pm tonight w/ special guest, Jill Sweetman – 40 Haywood Street, downtown.pic.twitter.com/V4fsdpTC

(Source: Retweeted by Nick Dimitris, https://twitter.com/nickdimitris, 10/11/2012. Accessed 28/01/2013.)


If Nick Dimitris is still the Pastor of C3 Asheville one has to ask the question: Why is Jill Sweetman allowing Dimitris to remain a C3 Pastor and speaking at his Everywoman Conference?

From what we’re seeing, the Sweetman’s have no problem allowing C3 Pastor Nick Dimitris pull the wool over his congregations eyes after the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corp) accused him of bank fraud. In fact, they further endorse him by speaking at his conferences.

Furthermore, Dimitris tweeted the following last year in early January:

“Day 3 of the 7 Days of Praise is tonight at 7pm! We are praying over people for provision, resource & blessing. Bring everyone u can!!”

(Source: Nick Dimitris, https://twitter.com/nickdimitris/status/154281827463471104, 04/01/2012. Accessed 28/01/2013.)

“Many special guests tonight at the 7 Days of Praise [7pm] >> Financial miracles, anointing for increase… Get ready for more then enough!”

(Source: Nick Dimitris, https://twitter.com/nickdimitris/status/154337207371579392, 04/01/2012. Accessed 28/01/2013.)

“”7 Days of Praise” – Praying over people for unity, reconciliation & restoration in relationships. God can restore everything! 7pm”

(Source: Nick Dimitris, https://twitter.com/nickdimitris/status/155039353440174080, 06/01/2012. Accessed 28/01/2013.)


In the tweets, Dimitris is expecting that “financial miracles”, “anointing for increase”,  “unity, reconciliation & restoration in relationships” happen and “provision, resource & blessing” occur in his 7 Days of Praise event. Yet what has Dimitris done to fix the people he financially exploited in his congregation? What has he done to fix the division, bitterness and hurt he caused in his skulduggery? Why didn’t the Sweetman’s step in and prevent this smokescreen praise event from occuring? Why are the Sweetman’s speaking at Dimitris’ conferences and not dealing with their C3 Asheville Pastor for committing bank fraud?


What makes this behaviour disturbing by Dimitris and the Sweetman’s was that the FDIC  accused C3 Church Pastor Dimitris of bank fraud less then a month ago when the 7 Day of Praise event was put on. The below public record (stamped 05/12/2011), shows Dimitris pleading guilty under oath to conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

Public Record: Dimitris Pleads Guilty

Key points from this document indicate that Nicholas Dimitris:

      1. “Did willfully embezzle, abstract, purloin and willfully misapply any of the moneys, funds, or credits of Pisgah Community Bank, in that you did procure and obtain as a straw borrower a series of straw borrower loans and that you recruited other persons to obtain straw borrower loans”.
      2. “… willfully became a member of that conspiracy”.
      3. Acted “… knowingly, intentionally, unlawfully and willfully.”

Nick Dimitris responded to the following questions.

“Are you in fact guilty of the count in the bill of information to which you have come to court today to plead guilty? That is, did you commit the act(s) described in count one of the bill of information?


“Is your plea of guilty voluntary and not the result of coercion, threats or promises other that those contained in the written plea agreement?


Sentencing has not happened in this case yet.


Dimitris offers some revealing information about his “education”.

It is stated,

“… Then did a ‘correspondence'(?) out of Beacon University in Columbus Georgia. The defendant says he has enough credits for a Bachelor Degree in Theology.”

Does Beacon University sound familiar? Oddly enough, our previous investigation into Dale Bronner revealed that the US courts exposed Beacon University (Christian Life ) to be a diploma mill and agreed in court to “refund tuition” and no longer award degrees. This would explain why Dimitris said he has enough credits for a Bachelor Degree in Theology.

RealMen With False Doctorates (Who Is Dale Bronner?)

This is a really sad thing to see in the C3 Churches of America. Please pray that the situation over in Asheville is resolved. C3 Church Watch will keep you posted as to whether the United States of America sentences this C3 pastor to prison or not.