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Below we will see the elite Gnostic work of Phil Pringle drawing out “major secrets of abundance” that only a self-anointed prophet like himself could decode from a singular biblical text.

Pringle writes,

“Isaiah prophesies major secrets for abundance: “let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings” (Isa. 54:2). This key unlocks growth for any organization. Unless we let them, the church will not grow.” – Phil Pringle, Top 10 Qualities of a Great Leader, Harrison House Publishers: 2007, pg. 130.

First off, Pringle mistakingly AGAIN conveys his belief that the church is an organisation and not the called-out people of God.

Secondly, do you think Isaiah is prophesying “major secrets for abundance”? Look at the passage in context. You will see this passage is not talking to you or organisations in how to receive “major secrets for abundance”. This is a prophecy about the future restoration of Israel. We have a lot of bible resources advertised on C3 Church Watch. We encourage readers to compare Pringle’s claim and our claim to the bible. You will see this scripture is not about leadership and abundance for you or organisations. Phil Pringle is making it up.