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It is fascinating that C3 reinforces the idea that when people give money to C3, miracles are unlocked. We have already covered the serious error of C3 teaching their members that we can trigger grace, buy salvation and buy miracles.

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On the C3 website Pringle invites people to commit giving their cash so that “miracles unfold in people’s lives”:


Chris and I would like to invite you to become a Television Partner with Your Best Life. Recently you may have heard of the changes to streamline our Rise and Build, Beyond and Television Partner initiatives by combining these under the one banner called Vision Builders.

Vision Builders provides the opportunity for every member of the church to play a part in building tomorrow. We have seen miracles unfold in people’s lives as they have aligned their heart, purpose and financial resources with God’s vision to build His Church. As we each give our time and resources, together we will see lives transformed.

The new Vision Builders structure also enables us to offer tax deductibility to your giving for television where in the past it has not qualified for this. We are currently finalising our application for tax deductibility endorsement for our Television Partners initiative. We anticipate that this will be approved within the next couple of months. In the meantime we encourage you to continue to give as normal through our TV Partners program at this stage. Once our endorsement comes through, we will inform you of this and request that you redirect your television giving through the Vision Builders structure.

God Bless and thanks again for your support.

Phil Pringle” – Phil Pringle, Partner With ‘Your Best Life’, http://www2.myc3church.net/yourbestlifepartners, (Accessed 05/02/2013.)