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Christian Witness Ministries reports Phil Pringle teaching the following.

The Question being: “What do you think is under this sheep clothing-?
Is it — a real shepherd, a wolf or a false prophet?” (Matthew 7:15)

Phil Pringle ( PP ) was recorded at Wellington on the 19th March 2002

PP ” The atmosphere you create will attract spiritual power. Spirits live in spiritual atmospheres. You can create an atmosphere that attracts God or repels God.”

PP then describes how Jesus wants to clean up certain areas, and focuses on the toilet.

PP “Jesus came to ‘clean us up’ “.

PP further describes how Jesus wants to clean certain areas of our lives that are ‘messed up’.

PP “He wants to clean up the brown smears on the bowl”.

Then in reference to the atmosphere (in the toilet) PP continues on.

PP “The power of God is a tangible force.”

PP goes on to describe the power of God as ‘stuff’.

PP “The stuff of God can actually live in your clothes. It can get in the carpet, it can get in your hair. The stuff of God, the anointing. This stuff can get into your body and heal it. This stuff can get into your bank account. Praise God, now we’re talking amen. I need some of that in my bank account. It’s imparted through the laying on of hands. It’s inside your body, when you lay hands on people it travels.”

LC – The whole idea that God is stuff is in essence Monistic. I.e. The concept that creation and God are essentially one and the same. It is a materialistic worldview and not supported by the Bible…

Source: A real shepherd, a wolf or a false prophet, Christian Witness Ministries, http://www.christian-witness.org/not_in_pubs/pringle_alves.html, Last revised-Friday, November 10, 2006. Accessed 07/02/2013.


What is monism?

“Monism is the view that reality consists of one fundamental, ultimate essence.  It comes from the Greek mono, which means one.  All is one.  Therefore, in monism God and the universe are the same thing.  This would mean that energy, motion, matter, thought, consciousness, etc., are all of one substance but are perceived differently.

Monism stands in opposition to the dualism and pluralism but is often defined the same as pantheism, the teaching that God and the universe are the same thing.

Monism is unbiblical because it denies the distinction between God and creation.”

Source: What is monism?, Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry, http://carm.org/questions/about-philosophy/what-monism,. Accessed 07/02/2013.