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Pastor Nicholas Gervase Charmley and Chris Rosebrough weigh in on a bizarre sermon by Mark Kelsey. The sermon is titled, “The “I’m an Idiot” Revelation”.

In the past, Phil Pringle has stressed in leadership gatherings that he doesn’t want intellectual people in his movement. (He calls them “intellectual idiots”.)

Instead, Phil Pringle wants passionate people in his movement who can be shamed into worship, conform to his emotionally manipulated environments and groomed through crowd control methods. Read and watch the article below:

Pringle Teaches How To Control & Fleece People

Idiocy In High Places?

If you browse the articles on C3 Church Watch, you will be quick to discover how these emotionally controlled environments and dishonest giving sermons trick people into thinking they are giving money to God.

With the above information in mind, Mark Kelsey in the below sermon further convinces people that they should get the idiot revelation to keep them going to C3 church. You can hear Chris Rosebrough review this sermon by Mark Kelsey here:

NOVEMBER 16, 2012



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Source: CREFLO DOLLAR AND FACEBOOK CURSES, Fighting For The Faith, http://www.fightingforthefaith.com/2012/11/creflo-dollar-and-facebook-curses.html, 16/02/2012. (Accessed 02/02/2013.)

To show how absurd the theological teachings are of Mark Kelsey Mark said this:

“God’s aim for you and I is the glory of God. It’s not salvation. His aim for you is not salvation. Most Christians do not understand this. God’s aim for you is not salvation. Salvation is a means to an end. His aim for you is to restore you to His original intention, for you. He has an image of you that is so glorious. So His aim is that, ok. So there’s the aim: the glorious version of you. The ‘I’m no longer an idiot’ version of you.” – Mark Kelsey, Mark Kelsey – The I’m An Idiot! Revelation (Part 3 of 4), 3:15, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5-cHpfqTLQ, Uploaded by changefilm on Nov 28, 2008. (Accessed 16/11/2012.)

Gervase Charmley had this to say about Mark Kelsey’s comment:

“It has been said that “A difference that makes no difference is no difference at all”, and frankly it seems to me that is what is going on here. The problem seems to be that he has some idea of what “salvation” is that comes short of the fullness of it, and so he can say in effect “God’s aim for us as Christians is not salvation, but salvation”. Which makes no sense. It’s incoherent, that’s my thought on this.” – G.N. Charmley, 15/11/2012.

You can watch the original sermon here on youtube.