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In 2008, C3 shows Pat Mesiti speaking at their RealMen’s Conference.

Below the original video was the following blurb.

“RealMEN Life Conference PROMO

Uploaded on May 20, 2008

RealMEN is Christian City Church Oxford Falls Men’s Ministry. Life is the upcoming Men’s conference – July 2008.
Featuring Guest Speakers
– Kong Hee
– Phil Pringle
– Danny Guglielmucci
– Greg French
– Steve Janes
– Pat Mesiti
– Jason Stephens”

Source: RealMEN Life Conference PROMO, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gr0uHe…, Uploaded by CCCOF, 20/05/2008. (Accessed 04/01/2013.)


We don’t have any information what Pat Mesiti spoke on. However, one contributor to C3 Church Watch informed us with the following,

“He gave testimony of the effect on his relationships of his fall, and how to avoid the same pitfalls, which took a lot of courage and humility.” – 14/02/2013.

In 2009, the ‘Christian’ program ‘Positive Hits’ (who use the C3 Church grounds) had Pat Mesiti on their programs teach on ‘Financial Freedom’.

At C3 conferences, Pat Mesiti still is treated as a pastor and a Christian celebrity. We will be examining why this is concerning in our next article on Mesiti.