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C3 Church Watch has been notified of a rather peculiar incident in the C3 Movement. When a pastor takes the pulpit or stage, what do you think the pastor is required to do? The answer to that question can be read here.

Do C3, CHC & Hillsong Churches Know What The Role Of A Pastor Is?

Phil Pringle thinks that if he visits his churches or conferences around the world, people will come to see him paint. As one blogger recorded in 2010:

“I was invited to the C3 Whitehorse 20th Anniversary Celebration evening at C3 Centre by a lovely lady I met at Mannigham Christian Church this week. Phil Pringle painted on stage which was of interest to me. Phil is one the messiest painter I have seen with the exception of the splax effects performances. Phil had more paint on him than on that canvas. They could have auctioned his jeans as well as the painting to raise funds for a laugh.” – Kayleen West, Phil Pringle Paints at C3 Centre, http://kayleenwest.blogspot.com.au/2010/02/phil-pringle-paints-at-c3-centre.html, 28/02/2010. (Accessed 05/03/2013.)

Sometimes when a person jokes about the church their comments can come true. Pastrix Chris Pringle recently informed her followers that her husband Phil Pringle, was painting, “the last supper – live @ C3Brisbane”. proof_instagramC3brisbane While he was splattering away, the screens asked members to place their bids on his painting. proof_instagramLastSupper_05-03-2013While Chris Pringle uploaded the photos to show off her husband and encourage people to bid, someone commented they “would buy those pants” that Pringle was wearing.proof_instagramPantsRequest_05-03-2013 Pastrix Chris Pringle decided to take a photo of her husbands booty and upload it to instagram saying, “Might start a Pringle jean range”. People continued to comment that they wanted to buy Pringle’s pants… Chris Pringle informing her C3 Brisbane audience that the jeans were sold. proof_instagram-PringlesPants_05-03-2013 If this was all done in jest than we would have thought twice about writing an article on this. The fact that Chris Pringle and the commentors appear serious about buying a ‘pastors’ pants is rather absurd behaviour to say the least.

phil pringle pants